Dec.13.2009 Let`s make a better Indonesia

Recently, i like chatting in
It can take you chat with anyone around the world who are using the site too.
You can`t choose the one who`s chatting with you because it is chosen by the system.

I like it because its interesting talking with people in many countries ^w^
I learnt more about culture, education and more about every country.
And its nice to be acquainted with them.
Many of them is friendly and open minded.
Besides, realize or not, by using this site, we can practicing our english language.
(A few of them even said that the way i use english language is pretty good. hohoho ^.^)

I`ve met people from USA, Korean, Indian, Japanese, Brazilian, Turkey, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Chinese and many more.

If you want to stop chat with them, you can just click "disconnect" button and then the system will have you to chat with someone else again randomly.
You can meet the fellow indonesian people too ^^

But be cautious in using this site, especially if you`re a girl.
(But if you scared, you can still lie about your identity :P)
Because, not all people in that site is good people.
The mayority who used this site is guy and the mayority country who used this site is USA.
(You know what i mean, right?)
Yeah, i`ve met many guy that asked me to cybersex, or asked me to send my naked pictures to them, etc.
Just ignored them and click "disconnect" button to chat with someone else if you found someone like that. >_<

Okay, now lets go into the core of this story.

When i was chatting, i met someone.
He is a guy from USA, 21 years old (don`t know this is truth or not)
(But for now, consider that it`s a truth)
I introduced myself as an indonesian people, female, 16 years old.

After i introduced myself, can you guess what he commented?
he said, "Indonesia did have computer? I thought Indonesia didn`t have techonology like that. Aren`t all of Indonesian people are poor and hungry?"

I get a little angry by his comment but still regained my composure.
So i replied and try explained to him,
"Yes, maybe most of them are poor and hungry. But not all of them. Many of them also rich and have ....."
While i was typing and still unfinished, he was cutting mine and said,
"No. I believe you`re poor and hungry too. All Indonesian people is like that."


Don`t know if he`s just kidding or not, but i got so pissed off that i don`t continue my talk that was cutting by him and said,
"If you feel like that about Indonesia, please come to Indonesia to make sure with your own eyes whether all the people is poor and hungry, okay?"

And i break up my connection with him by clicking "disconnect" button.

So, Indonesian people, it seems Indonesia is underestimated by western people.
Not all of them, but a few of them consider Indonesia as a poor country.

So, c`mon all of the people in Indonesia! Especially young generation.
Wake up!
Lets bring a change together to this Indonesia so no one would underestimate our country like that. Study hard and make all of the country shows respect to us!

Believe that we will make Indonesia into a better country.


ina said...

hemmm... seru juga kag ceritanya...
emangnya yg punya komputer cuma Amerika??
hufth dasar....

kenapa mereka begitu membencinya dgn Indonesia..
hikz... apa salah Indonesia...

Cayooo Indonesia...

konayachi said...

iya, aku juga pernah kok di begituin komentarnya ama orang barat. mereka ngerendahin kita banget kan. huh. tapi, sekali2 nya aku ngaku in orang luar (ex: singapore, japan) entah mengapa aku dikatain brengsek, bukankah sama saja, indonesia jg orangnya spt itu? :p sekali2 nya aku kaget dengernya........ ternyata yang kata gitu org indonesia sendiri. andai aku tdk bisa bahasa ind mungkin ga masalh. tapi aku kan tau, dan ternyata org indonesia sendiri jg mengata2 in orang luar :( dunno why they said dat. maybe they hate foreigner? don't be so ignorant, meh! :D

lina@happy family said...

Uuuhhh, I'm angry...
Well, it's a big challenge for young Indonesian people like you to show them that they are totally wrong!!

Indahnya Berbagi said...

thanks for ur visit, thanks for sharing!

anaa kurang ngerti jd maaf komentarx apa adax?

healthylife said...

Blom tau mereka,kalo Orang Indonesia canggih2..:)

Fariz Knightler said...

Right! >:(
Why did They talk bad about Indonesia >X(
*pissed off too*

Insider Stories said...

Marii,,I think you just met a freaky guy and no nothing about far, I had nice experiences when I visited Berlin and many cities in Germany, London, South Korea.
But, it was a bad thing when I and my friend, caller her Chen Xue Hui (I really miss her alot), were rejected to join free empty chair in train from Frankfurt to was crazy...I met three germany guys..they said the chair was occupied...I think it was because we were Asian...Many times I met a good western people...When I asked them directions, with a kind, they explained to me...

kartu kredit said...

Ya,...klo saya tinggal di bali, sepengetahuan saya orang bule atau turis sangat apresiasi sama dengan bangsa kita akan tetapi mungkin bagi yang belum tahu banyak atau melihat sendiri Indonesia hanya dengar negative info.

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