DeC.19.2009 Cleaning garbage using raft

When i was on the way to pasar baru with my friends, i passed a small dirty river (called "kali" in indonesian) and i interested because i saw a few people get by raft in that river. That`s the first time i see people using raft in a dirty, rather black river like that. I just wondering why they do that and it seems fun. So, its attract my attention.

But, after i look closer, actually, that people is not having fun. They do a job to make the river clean.
They put garbage on the river to the raft. They were so dilligent, i think.
Don`t they scared to fall from the raft to that dirty river? (if the garbage is so many and make the raft unbalanced)
Don`t they feel disgusting to gather dirty garbage from that river?

Because i think this story is interesting, so i took off a photo of one of them *hoho*

Although they do that in order to get money, but still, they make an effort to make the river cleaned. Because, well, yeah, not so many people want to do a job like that.
Example : Me, i never think about doing that job *haha*

And cleaning the river is one step to make Indonesia better than before ^w^

If the river is clean, it will make Indonesia be a more pleasant place to live in.
Besides, the river also won`t be mosquito nest and smelly that of course, very annoying.

So, we, as a good people of Indonesia, should help them, at least by not drop litter anywhere, especially to the river. Drop the litter in the place that are prepared cause it`s hard to gather them as one.
And it will make Indonesia stay clean and be a comfortable place to live in.



Job Review said...

wakh kotor buanget yah, soalnya mereka belum mengerti cara bersih sih teman...jadi sdm kita masih kurang deh

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