DeC.22.2009 Take good Care of your cell phone

About one week ago, my cell phone is broken. It can`t be used properly as usual. When i turned on it, it often restarting by itself again and again and display white screen. (error mode)

 btw, its my phone. NOKIA 7390! Cute, yes? ;;)
When it`s not restarting (it`s turned on), i can`t open the message icon. Like write new message, inbox, sent items, draft, etc. Always appear this sentence instead, "message storage memory is not ready"
I wait a day and a night to try to open my message icon. But it`s useless. That sentence always appear and i still can`t opened my messages.

So, my cell phone can only be used to phone but not so long, because it will restarting again soon.
The other application is error too. And only loading for a long time but no result.              
Furthermore, my cell phone is become too fast to running out of battery.
It`s not like usual.

So, i tried to brought my cell phone to cell phone services place.

I asked the man in service place what`s wrong with my phone and after he checked up my phone, he said that the datas in my memory is too many, that the phone memory could'nt accommodate all the datas i have that make the speed of my phone is slow.

I remembered that my inbox and sent items is about 2000 each! hahaha.
(I`m too lazy to delete it and i think it`s okay to keep it that way)
So, if combined, that will make 4000 datas.

It haven't even included contact numbers, photos and the other datas -_-

I asked the man to back up my datas so i don't lose my contact numbers and cute messages that i collected from my friends.
Well, the man has already tried but my phone keep restarting and rebooting again.

And so, i must accept that the only way to fixed my cell phone is by reinstall the programme.
But it means that i must lost ALL MY DATAS so my phone will be as new (no data at all)

huweeee ;_;

(hahaha, exaggerating XD)

Now, it`s already fixed.. It is as good as new.
But still..
I still can't accept that i lost my datas... huwaaaaa

And, the core of this story is;
Don`t be lazy to delete your messages in inbox or sent items if they are unimportant.



anak nelayan said...

nice info..thx

dara♥♥♥teruna said...

just buy new phone..haha..

dorara said...

@ dara
It`s okay.. cause the cost of the service is just Rp 50.000,- ^^;

maybe next year i buy new hp

SONY.M.M. said...

one more moral: take a backup of your mobile it will help you from loosing important contacts and other datas.back up can done even write the contacts on your notebook side

recyclebin said...

wah .. saya dulu juga pernah mengalami hal yang sama persis.. hahaha .. ( maaf comment pake bahasa indonesia.. ga pinter bahasa inggris..haha ) ^^

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