DeC.16.2009 ---Facebook lite---

Facebook is a social networking site that is growing rapidly in recent years.
Not only in Indonesia, but this trend is spread around the world.

That way, facebook continues to find ways to make itself competitive, especially with Twitter.
Twitter is simple, so Facebook’s fighting back with the same.

Besides, the growing content in Facebook would be making facebook has heavy load time to load in an internet connection.

Therefore, Facebook introduced Facebook Lite for its users.

Facebook lite presents the view that is fairly simple a
nd the load time is much faster than the usual Facebook site. It is a lightweight version of the popular social networking site which originally provided to users which is first only available to users in the United States.
But now it can be used to other countries, include Indonesia.
This new feature of facebook is specialize in update status like twitter.
You can see your most recent status updates and the updates of your friends.
A few featured that considered not too important is eliminated in this feature.
Features that Made by third-party applications such as
gaming or quiz does not appear.
On the profile page, now only available Wall, Info, Friends, and Photos & Video.Although we can`t see the wall-to-wall post, or inviting friends to an event, status and sharing is still available.

One of the advantage of using this new feature of facebook is you can chat more easier and faster. Usually, when we chat with friends in usual facebook site, chat we typed is slow to appear and sometimes can caused lag to our computer and make our computer error.
But in this facebook lite, the chat box is opened in one tab and also make the display is larger and of course it`s easier to read and make us more enjoyable.
This is an alternative to the Facebook users to keep interact with your friends even with a slow internet connection though.

If you want to try it please click Facebook lite to access.


Reyvateilia said...

keren yah

RifkyPanzer™ said...

Facebook lite? wah boleh di coba nih!

Russ said...

Very interesting.Maybe I will give it a try.Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Amal menolak bala said...

good posting, keep smile guys

Dhany bluedevilz said...

wah nice info..
thx :))

bisnis dan pengalaman said...

keren friend infonya, keep blogging dan share ya! :D

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