Dec.30.2009 Be careful by theft!

Pickpocketing is not something unfamiliar in our ears.
Its a common thing to speak

We must have often heard from our friend, anyone, people around us who got theft.
Even ourself may have been a victim of this theft thing.
In general, theft could be possibly occurred everywhere, especially inside a crowded public transportation, like, a public bus.

Recently, my friend, DESONG (=p)..Her cellphone is stolen in microbus (or we can say mikrolet in Indonesia) in the way from school to home.Though he did not feel the signs of theft.

While she arrived at his brother`s shop, then she checked her bag 
and the cellphone has already vanished !Allegedly, her cellphone was stolen while she was sitting in the microbus, because she has searched for it in every corner in her bag and she hasn`t found it.

Then, not too long ago too, my friend too, called Bella ALMOST being thefted too in microbus.According to my friend`s confession, the culprit has already fingering her skirt`s pocket.
Fortunately, my friend is aware by the indications of the theft and made her held her cellphone tightly.So she does not get theft.

In this two cases, the difference was obvious..
**In the case DESONG, she get theft because she was not careful and did not alert by the sign of the theft.She was chatting with her friend without noticed the conditions in the microbus which is filled up with many people.And she probably did not keep her cellphone in a safe position ..

Meanwhile, in case BELLA, she has already aware by the microbus conditions.She was not careless, and when she realized there was something odd, she immediately secured her valuables things like cellphone and wallet..So that her goods are not stolen ..

SO, friends..
Theft will always be there and could not be completely eradicated ..
Although the law enforced, after all, crime will still be there, so ..what we need to do is ... be vigilant! to anticipate for not being theft
Especially in public transport, the most vulnerable places of theft..
One way we could do is kept our valuables things in bag and held our bag tightly.

and do not forget to pray before going out to be protected by God from danger 0:)

I know you have read this Des, just be careful next time okay? lol XD


deiiby said...

completely agree !

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