Dec.05.2009 Nintendo Dual Screen

Do you know that Nintendo Dual Screen that we used to brief as "NDS" or "Nintendo DS" is the best selling entertainment in Japan, even better than mp3 player?

Nintendo DS is :
*A handheld game that compete with PSP (Pl
aystation Portable), a product by sony.
*A dual-screen handheld game console developed and manufactured by Nintendo.
*Was released in 2004 in
Canada, the United States, and Japan.

Cooking Mama
*Have two LCD screens inside—with the bottom one being a touch screen.
*Also features
supports wireless that allowing players to interact and can play with each other within short range (10–30 m)
*Features with a built-in-microphone even in a few game require you to blow the microphone to play the game, like in game cooking mama.
*Offering a new and unique playing experience

Nintendo DS also have many interesting games! 

Like in game cosmetic paradise, we can apply make up to girls faces including lipstick, mascara, eyebrow and many more that makes me many girls like. XD

Cosmetic Paradise
But why in Japan the selling of NDS is high?
It is because NDS is an entertainment device portable that is convenient because it is small and easy to bring.

And, japanese people usually spend their time outdoors and they method of transportation of going is mostly by foot, train or bus.

Therefore, they need something to entertain them through the trip to reduce their boredom. And apparently, method of entertainment that can play songs which is offered by MP3 player is not enough anymore and considered rather dull.

Just like the name, (Nintendo Dual Screen), it has two screens.
The bottom one is a touch screen that appears to be the main attraction thing in NDS that brings inovation in game world, so not only young people can play, but also adults can enjoy playing NDS. 

Many of NDS games are simple with not too hard gameplay and timeplay with the cute pictures, it will be suitable for kids and also people in their boredom state while enjoying their free time.

But, there are also many NDS games which need concentration and a lil bit of thinking. For example, the ace attorney series where in that game, in each episode, we were given a case, mostly murder case, and then, we, the player is a lawyer whose job is definitely to protect the suspect a.k.a our client. And our goal is obviously to prove that they are innocent. We are then fighting in like a real court with a judge and we are up against the prosecutor whose job is to put the suspect in jail (we can`t let that happen!). To defend our client, we must gain enough absolute proof while collecting witnesses that can prove that our client is a real innocent. If we are not able to defend our client (our client is proven guilty), then we lose to that prosecutor (that means a game over for our side) haha.

My Japanese Coach. To learn japanese!
Even there is also a game for education, like my japanese coach. It's a game that will helps you learn japanese better (also with practice in writing kanji, hiragana, and katakana) through its mini games. It's very convenient for people who want to learn japanese language in an easy way. 

It is also equipped with mini dictionary and phrases in common japanese words and phrases used that will come in handy if you are travelling to Japan.

NDS is not used for games purposes only, but it also can be used for communication tools.
You can send message to your friend that have NDS too and you can play together within 10-30m distance.

Now, NDS have released its newer version, Nintendo DS lite, with various colors in the market. XD
Although we can safely say that the graphic of NDS is rather ordinary, not as good as PSP, but research shown that in 2008, NDS sales figures are exceeding PSP. Even NDS stock is usually run out at many stores, and therefore, the stores raise the prices of NDS because of its rarity!
And the survey in Japan said, NDS is the most wanted present that child hope to get for christmas present xD

So, what are you waiting for? Go get your NDS already in nearby stores! XD


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