Dec.27.2009 How to promote your blog

Blogging can be a media to share your story, idea, experience, etc that are useful to other people and can amused them.
Besides, you can acquire many information too from others blog.

So, blogging can be said as a education things.
Many various motives for people who owned a blog, starting from just trying to write an online diary (like me), and then developing into a hobby and even for business.
(thanks to frelia who teach me many advice for blogging and my blog can be like this now ^^)

But, the majority of the blogger`s dream are;
*Many people visited their blog and the visitors can get something useful from reading their posts,
*Get google page rank (PR), and
*Increased their traffic (like alexa).

In order to achieve all that, you need to promote your blog.
Here i will share you a few way you can do to promote your blog;

1. Blogwalking to others blog
Routine activity that is done by many blogger. When you visit others blog, don`t forget to leave message in their chat box that can contains greetings or your comment about their blog. You can give comments too to their blog. That way, they will visit your blog back as an exchange.
And if your blog`s content is interesting, they will be your regular visitors and may follow your blog.

2. Submit your blog to blog directory
There`s so many blog directory with many various page rank.
This is a few blog directory which are pretty popular;
*Yahoo Directory
*Blog Catalog

3. Routinely post articles
If you post article routinely, many visitors will visit your blog to check new post in your blog.
But, if your article havent increased, many visitors will get bored visiting your blog and leave it.

4. Exchange link with others
Invite your friends to exchange link with you, so your blog will be posted in many sites so your blog will bring in many visitors.

5. Make entrecard account
Unfortunately, this is only possible if your posts is using english since english is an international language. By using entrecard, you can drop to others who owned entrecard too and they can drop back to you too.

Okay, hope this post can be useful for you all ^^


Cinnamon said...

Thanks for visiting website. I agree that blogwalking is a fun way to meet people and make new friends. One has to be careful because blogwalking can be addictive and it is easy to spend too much time doing it.

heru said...

nice info sobat, thanks ya

Dunia Komputer said...

Nice tips. I'll try. Thanks.

SONY.M.M. said...

very simple,nice and useful post

tovazone said...

nice post friend, thanks for share n keep on spirit

elyas ngeblog said...

thank you very interesting article

Insider Stories said...

The biggest stumbling block is how to retain a regular posting. This is not related with external factors, i think, but mostly 100% is influenced by ourselves. Idea and spare time are expensive for those who are busy to work....(hehehe). I do keen to submit a fresh from the over content into my blog..but, sometimes idea is rare. So, keep up working Marii. I like to see you start with a fabulous English blog.

Tutorial Blogger said...

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Rizky2009 said...

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andriyawan said...

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Herdoni said...

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gak mutu said...

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Dilla said...

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nice post, well blogspot is the best...

suryadewa said...

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AdSenseHolic said...

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jhanty said...

2. Submit your blog to blog directory >> hey i shud try this, thanks! my blog is a new one, by the way.

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