Dec.09.2009 Mosquito Season

Recently, in my house, there are so many mosquitoes going around.
not only at night, but also in the afternoon and even morning.
It is not like usual which the mosquitoes can still be controlled.
They are flying everywhere, in dining room, living room, bed room, kitchen, even bath room.
And their number is very much and make me crazy!

They bite me and i have to scratch everywhere.
Its so itchy and make a small bump >.<
I just worried if any of them which bite me
is "aedes agepty" which can make me got dengue disease.

So, for the prevention i spray "baygon", anti-mosquito spray to my bed room before i got to sleep. It work effectively.
when i am in outside the room, i smear "soffel" to my skin, especially leg. It is an anti-mosquito lotion, and it is quite working.

Maybe it`s a sign to entering rainy season.
But this is already rainy season in Indonesia yeah?
I don`t know but this is really unusual.
So, be careful everyone. Dont let your guard down :)


RAJA KOIN said...

good info...

Tukang Mampir said...

i dont like use chemistry medicine like baygon, soffet etc because danger. But i always use curtain for provide selter for musquito. simple and safety.

dorara said...

@ tukang mampir :
but, only curtain isn`t enough to prevent them.
They re so many!!

Russ said...

I hope you find someway of controlling them.It is winter here.Conn. USA. The insects are gone for the season.In the summer the government sprays the swampy areas to keep them down.
Good luck with them.

rantz said...

wo pun ken na sin le ma, bu shi chen lao pu tha tao,. salam kenal,.

onny said...

good info friend..

Angel said...

Mosquito is one thing, Aedes is another.. I can't stand mosquito bites. Plus, I have a sensitive skin, so once I get bitten it itches like mad and even if I don't scratch it, there'll be red patches on my skin.. I hate it! I wish all mosquitoes are damned to hell! :D :D :D

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