Feb.23.2010 Beware of Instant noodles

For you who liked instant noodles or considered instant noodles as your favourite food, (like me >,<), after reading this post, please make sure you eat instant noodles again at least every 3 days.

Information from a doctor;
"Our family stopped consumed instant noodles from about 5 years ago since we have known about candle that apparently coated the instant noodles. This candle not only coated the sterofoam but also the instant noodles! That`s why instant noodles don`t stick with each other when being cooked."

If we noticed enough yellow chinese noodles that we usually find in the market, from what we saw is, before being cooked, the noodles would appear to be oily. The oil layer will prevent sticky noodles. We usually spread flour onto Raw Wonton noodles so that the noodles won`t get sticky each other.

When the chef cooked noodles, first, he/she cooked noodles in hot water, then rinsed with cold water before cooked with hot water again. Cooked and rinsed like this will avoid noodles stick with each other. The chef will give oil and sauce in the noodles so the noodles will be delicious to be consumed when prepared without gravy.

The cook rule in making spaghetti (italian noodles) requires oil and butter that need to be added in spaghetti boiling water to prevent that pasta become sticky.

The noodles that i said above, is safe to be consumed because it doesn`t consist in any dangerous ingredients and not coated by candle like the instant noodles.
(But, don`t to over eat it too XD)

*Why named instant noodles..??
From what we see, instant noodles coated with candle, so it won`t need anything else to prevent the noodles stick with each other. Just cook in the boiling water and ready to eat!
So simple that even i can make it =p

*The dangerous of Instant noodles

A few years ago, there`s an actor who is very busy with his work and strive for his career so he don`t have enough time to cook. So he decide to consumed instant noodles that is simple and easy to made EVERY DAY!
At last, he suffered in cancer. His doctor said that his cancer is because of candle that coated the instant noodles that he eat every day. That doctor said that our body requires time at least 3 days to clean that candle in instant noodles from our body.

There`s a stewardess of SIA (Singapore Air) who moved to her new house alone, to be independent, left her parents house. She is lazy to cook any nutritious food and consumed noodles every day. Afterwards, she suffered cancer and died soon.

Nowadays, instant noodles is called cancer noodles..!!!

So, after read this posts, if you want to eat instant noodles, please eat it at least 3 days after you eat it if you don`t want to get cancer and died quickly

Look after your health. ^^

I can say it nicely, but really. Me, too. Can`t. Resist. the. temptation of the yummiiieh Instant. Noodles.
So good luck, people. Still plenty of other foods there, isn`t it? :')


Administrator Frelia said...

Ahahahaha, kalau mie rebus bahaya, gimana kalo beruang rebus?

Sam said...

thank you for sharing it here. I do love to eat noodles but after reading it I will see to it that we will just eat lesser per week.

dorara said...

@ cc frell :
wahh swt dahh haha

@ sam
yeah,, i do love instant noodles but after i read this article, i decided to eat instant noodles only one or twice per week ^^

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