Feb.06.2010 How to conceal your belly fat

I`m sure most women care about their appearance and not a few women who have enough confidence of their body. Most women always feel they are fat although maybe for other people, their body is already proportional.

And here i will share you a tips how to conceal/hide your belly fat ^^

Look at that cute picture above XD
It`s actually not just a picture, but it`s a photo of my t-shirt. haha.

Look at the onigiri picture in the middle. Its big and chubby, right?

Yeah, so what i mean is, if you have too much fat in your belly, then wear this t-shirt and people will already notice that you looks fat is because of the t-shirt and they wouldn`t know that you are actually the fat one!! Hahaha.

Happy trying ^^


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