Feb.02.2010 Why There is a conflict?

Why There is A Conflict?

The reason is that people won`t try to understand each other
People won`t even try to see things from other people perspective
To see why they do certain things..

They don`t want to know what other people want or need
What they strive to achieve..
When people refuse to understand each other, conflict arise..

People only see the harms other are causing them
They don`t understand why something bad is happening

If you don`t know why you`re being hurt,
Your course is only to strike back

But if you know why you`re being hurt,
There will be a way to solve your problem
Usually, people won`t fight unless there is a reason behind it

*Taken from Lyner Barsett from Ar tonelico : Melody of Elemia with adaptation*

P.s : Lyner is the male lead in Ar tonelico, and he will always be my fav chara! *love*


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