Jan.25.2010 Inside the Take Me Out Studio

I wanna tell you my experience in the Take Me Out studio XD
It happened about six month ago. hahah.
And i just remembered to write in this blog about this ^^

I first interested in this Take Me Out program is because i watch the advertisement on tv that almost appear everyday on Indosiar at that time and i just curious what the program is.
And, the other reason i interested in it is because i saw Choky Sitohang, an actor who is popular at that time because of Happy Song Program that he brought. XD

I like Choky Sitohang by saw his performance as a presenter in Happy Song Program which my driver, my maids and my brothers and sister like to watch.

At first, i dont have any interest in watching that program.
But, because almost every day that programmed is turned on in my house, and the others is laughing and enjoyed that program, i started to watch too, just to look how good that program is.

And i enjoyed that program and i impressed by Sitohang`s ability to attract the audience.
And besides, he`s handsome XD

When Take Me Out program is started to broadcast in tv, i watch that program routinely, never missed one episode of that program, which is broadcasted every friday on about 10.00 PM.

I like Take Me Out because it`s funny, entertaining, and make me laugh. ^^
*e.g :
At episode 1, a participant named Sugiyo (39 male) do a jaipong dance with his costume in kebaya plus wig and he danced very gracefully. and of course no woman would like to choose him as their couple, although he is pretty rich, have restaurant on his own ==
I hardly stopped to laugh with my maid too. gyahahha XD

And, he get upset, angry, even he dropped a jar which he bring till broken.

And then, we go to the core of this story.
Started from my hobby to access their site in Take Me Out
I like to gave comment on photos they published.
And so, it appears that my email is registered to beside my comment in that photos.
Therefore, i got many friend requests in facebook that almost all of them are man and have no mutual friend with me.
And i used to approved all friend requests in facebook although i dont know who they are ==
I just approved them all.
(Now, i ignored all friend requests that i considered strange, hahah XD)

At first, i dont know that`s because my email is registered in that photos in Take Me Out site.
I knew it by chatting in facebook with a man named Mario Kevin, (i dont know who he is and he invited me to chat with him)

I asked him, why he added me.
And he replied, he saw my email on Take Me Out sites ==

How strange, add friend in facebook just by email in Take Me Out sites??
I just know about that and i never give any comments in Take Me Out site again, except by using another email that i have forgotten the password and i dont use anymore. hahah XD


One time, i accept a friend request from a man named Deny Wibowo.
He wrote in my wall that he appears to be Martha`s brother and he asked me whether i want to go to watch Take Me Out program live or not.
Martha is one of the participant in take me out who is working as a steward.

Of course i dont refuse it XD
I think its my chance to meet Choky Sitohang direc
tly and i wanna know what is inside the Take Me Out studio that looks so huge in tv XD

He said, i just have to come to Dome Ancol next thursday for free. (I just have to paid the entry ticket Rp 12.000 for entering Ancol Gates, but for watch the Take Me Out live is free.)

I just have to say that i`m a relatives of Martha and i have to enter the dome with him for proof.
Its a coincidence because he wanna come too next thursday after work.

It appears that the live show of Take Me Out is started on Thursday night and the program that we watch in tv isn`t original anymore and many scene have been cut XD

But then, i`m afraid to go alone to that place just with
that man that i dont know ==
And so, i invited some of my friends to accompany me in watching that Take Me Out live.


Some of them dont want to come.
The first reason is, that Take Me Out live is on Thursday night, and tomorrow is school day.
AND the other fatal reason is, on friday, there`s math exam!!! My first math exam in first semester on third grade of high school.... ==
I persuade one of my friend, Desy :P, who finally wanna come and interested too what is inside Take Me Out studio looks like.

We made a plan that we must study math seriously before we go to Dome Ancol.

And Desy would stay that night in my home cause Take Me Out live finished at night and her house is so far from my home and tomorrow she would go to school with me.
She already prepared anything she must bring, like her korean DVD`s collection, uniform for tomorrow, etc ==

Okay, so, that Thursday, after we arrived at hom
e, i started to study math.
But, do you know what Desy did?
Instead of study, she watched her korean DVD besides me who is still learning..!!
Its so tempting, you know..

And then ..... >>>>>
After i finished do a few numbers, i started to watch DVD with Desy and then playing monopoly with my bro, Maxwell while eating peanuts T^T

Okay, and so i arrived at Dome Ancol around 6 PM with Desy and my driver, who is a fans of Take Me Out too, Jujun.
We (I and Desy) are confused because Deny (Martha`s brother who is invited me) hasn`t come yet and he said that the live show started around 6 PM and that i can`t enter the dome without him and said that we are also the relatives of Martha.

I have phoned his cellphone many times, but no answer.
Finally we decided to enter the dome and apparently, the guard in front of the dome allowed us to get in.

When we first get in, i surprised that apparently this place is not as huge as it looks in the tv.
I thought that the dome is big like at the tv, but in the reality, its not too big.

We sat at the back, the place where the jury usually sat and give score to the selected couple in the end of the episode, cause all of the front chair is already filled up.

>>> Then ...

Its already around 6.30 PM, many people has already sat, but the episode hasn`t started yet.
Even the woman contestants that should be standing in front of the podium hasn`t arrived yet.
What i only saw are the Indosiar officers who are busy adjust the camera and walking around.

And of course it make me bored and either Desy.
I felt a little sleepy but i must hold on, mustn`t sleep cause i`m wearing lenses.
I feel a little guilty for Desy that looks bored too, looking from her yawn and she started to wear her ear phone and listening songs from her cell phone.

Its about 7 PM and i feel refreshes again, because the contestants begin to arrived one by one and start to stepped up to the podium.

I feel ilfeel with all of them -_-
ugh . ..
Because they are all so flirty, over make up, narcism (they take a photo nonstop, giggling all the way)


The Indosiar officers started to do a check sound, to check whether the microphone which placed in their back is working properly or not.

And apparently, Martha is the latest contestant arrived =_="
And Deny begin to showed up around 7.30 PM and he`s so late, together with her sister, Martha.
He said sorry to me cause he didn`t listen the ring tone of his cell phone and he`s late after work.

After check sound, all of the contestants is go to the back of the stage to get briefing.

And, i saw one of the contestant, Lala, who is my driver`s favourite (-.-")
And i texted my driver who is waiting for me outside the dome in the car to get in.

And he thumbs up to me when he saw lala with his huge smile while using his cellphone`s camera to photo Lala.


And then, the program is about to started.
The Indosiar officers called Choky Sitohang and Yuanita Christiani, as a hosts to get ready.

woow.. He`s so handsome. awkwk XD
Yuanita is very pretty too, in her blue gown if i not mistaken ^^

The program started as usual, Choky get out from the glass door and give a greetings word.
And this part have to be repeated, dunno why.

The Indosiar officers give us, the guests order to clap and cheer when Choky appeared.
and the girls walking from behind to the podium.

Its already 8.00 PM and the first boy began to get out from the glass door, named Bayu whose job as a steward.
He`s quite handsome i think, and very tall. But, unfortunately no women would like to choose him and he get no woman at all.

After Bayu, the shooting is paused to give the Indosian officers and also the hosts, Choky and Yuanita to rest a while and get drink, etc.
I saw someone wiping Choky`s sweat, maybe his assistant.

And the women contestant ...
is narcising by taking a pictures, have make up, giggling .... =_=

Honestly, this live show is very boring, cause the shooting isn`t go on continuously and have to be stopped for about 30 minutes after each male contestant appeared or a few scene have to be repeated dunno why.

Very boring ... Very different from what we saw at tv which the scene is neat and well ordered, because many scene which is considered not too important is erased and has been cut.

Till 10.30 PM, i just saw till four male contestant. There`s still another 3 contestant. But it`s already this late.

Desy and my driver, Jujun is sleepy and wanna go home, considering that tomorrow will be a school day and there`s math test!!
And, my dad has called me few times, asking when i will go home, because it`s already this late.

I wanna go home too, i`m tired, bored and sleepy too. But in the other side, i want to watch this episode till the end.

I asked Deny, when approximately this episode will finished.
He said that usually the live show episodes will end about 2 AM, even once until 4 AM.
OMG!!!! 0_O

Well, finally, i decided to return to home. My driver is already get out from this dome and get to the car which he parked outside.
I was following him with Desy and get out too after said good bye and thank you to Deny when he reminded me to take a picture with Choky and Yuanita.

Oh yeah! I must take a picture together with Choky. If not, my visit here will be in vain.
I must take advantage from this chance while this is break time.

I saw Choky, standing near the entrance door and talking with a few Indosiar crews.
I wanna asked him to take a photos with me, but i`m embarassed because there are so many people there.

I said to Desy, "Des, after Choky finished talking with that people and he walked here, i will say that i want to take a picture with him, and i need you to take a picture of me and him by using my cellphone`s camera."

But do you know what Desy said???!!
"Mar, i`m sorry, but i can`t help you. I`m shy, too many people will pay attention to us and further more, i don`t really like Choky."

And after Desy said that, Choky has finished talking with that Indosiar crews and walking toward us.
I gather all my courage and said quite loud, "Sir Choky, (XD) *kak Choky in Indonesian* would you like to take a picture with me?"

After i said that, that insolent Desy get out from the dome and leave me here. Great!

With his smile, Choky said, "Sure, but please be hurry cause the next scene will be started in a few moments."
And an Indosiar crew who talked with Choky earlier, taking a picture of me and Choky.

And after that, Choky walk hurriedly to the stage to begin the next scene after said, "thank you, miss."

I just smile :)
When i saw the result, the photo is rather dark because of the dark light in the dome.
I forget to use blitz and wanna repeated it, but Choky is already on the stage, wanna begin the next scene. But its okay.
At least i got a photo with Choky and our face was still clear =))

I wanna take a picture with Yuanita too but i cant find her around me.

Then i got out from the Dome at 11 PM and saw Desy precisely outside the door.
She said sorry to me, she ran away because she was embarassed.
It`s okay, i didn`t angry and keep smiling cause i get a photo with Choky Sitohang ^^;

In the Car, i showed off my photo with Choky and proud of it ^^; ehhehe
My driver, Jujun seems envious with me and he said, "Why don`t you tell me if you want to take a picture with him? I want one too, but cant cause the battery of my cellphone is ran out."

Tomorrow at the school, i showed off that photo to some friends

hehe =))
And i directly change my profile picture in facebook with the picture of me and Choky ^^
What a day..!! ^^;


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