Jan.24.2010 Easy way to blogwalking without shoutmix??

A few days ago, i wanna blogwalking using shoutmix as usual.

As for you who don`t know, blogwalking is one way to promote your blog to others by leaving comment in others chat box (like shoutmix) and also leave your own link, so that everybody could click that link and check up your blog.

But, i realized something strange.
I have left a comment in others shoutmix but my link isn`t there, only my comment appeared.
So, it`s no use.

I thought maybe because i'm not log in yet into my account.
So, i opened up my blogger account and log in.
Then, i tried to left a comment again, but still my link didn`t appear.

And i tried it in another blog, but the result is the same, my link didn't appear.

I wonder what`s wrong with that.
And i thought maybe error is occured in shoutmix that day.
So, i decided to tried it later.

And, you know what? The result is just the same.
Im tired and i asked my friend, "what`s wrong with shoutmix? Why my link didn`t appear?"

And my friend said that it seems shoutmix no longer include our link, except the one who is register for special program (must paid) not just a free member like me. TTwTT
So that means not only me that having a trouble in blogwalking like that.

Its proved by my shoutmix in my blog.
There should contains other`s links. But, its just like me, just the comment which is appeared and the link doesn`t.

So, i couldn`t check up the other`s blog.

And, what is the solution to keep promoting your blog?

Try to make an entrecard account in Entrecard
Its function is just the same like blogwalking in shoutmix.

All you have to do after making its accoount is put the entrecard`s widget in your blog.
Like this..

(This is my entrecard account in my blog)

After that, check the others blog, who have entrecard account too.
You can know it by widget they put in their blog.

Click drop in that widget and they can drop back to you too.

And, entrecard could advertise your blog too, like;
look at that picture above, on the right, there is an advertisement for other`s blog.
Its function is the same as link in shoutmix, just click that advertisement and you could go to other`s blog.

That`s how to promote your blog by using entrecard

But, unfortunately, making an entrecard account have many requirements.

The most important requirements are your blog must use english and have minimal 5 posts.


Administrator Frelia said...

Hahaha, kemajuan.

Anonymous said...

same with me shotmix problem, ganti aja gitu ya

The Twitterer said...

most shoutmix ask for a website/email add. you can still leave your link by putting your site URL in the website box.

happy blogging!

Designer+ said...

lol don't use it, just leave your comment and link like me, and it will be easier to everbody to click on your link and visit your blog.
thnx for visiting my blog
keep in touch

bingkee said...

I deleted my shoutmix because some people leave their comments there instead on leaving on the blog posts instead. I don't like shoutmix.

travel golf bag said...

I do the same with you. I use EC for blogwalking. It's very helpfull. But need good connection.

Electrotechnique Book Links said...

just delete the shoutmix..change with cbox or neoboard.

Anonymous said...

shoutmix fails hard... it was a good service, until they've become money-grabbing whore

motogp said...

so i do comment here, because shoutmix link didn't work

dorara said...

@ all :
hope this article is useful for all of you,
I`m sorry if this article have any mistakes >.<
because i write it down by myself based on my experience and from my friends.. hehe.

freelessons01 said...

nice info ,,thanks,,,

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