Feb.17.2010 How to improve your english

Nowadays, English can be said as the most important language. English is required in every country. Many games, many novels, movies is in english. And i think in this era, if you don`t understand english well, you will be outdated.

I think that everyone must be able to speak english at least few common used words and phrases. But, do you feel satisfied in knowing only a little and simple conversation?
of course not!

And here i will share you few tips how to improve your english based on my experience...

1. First of all is, try to like the subject first. If you like english, of course you will have high spirit in studing english. If you don`t like english, you`ll think that english is hard and you`ll be lazy in studing, etc.

2. This is specially for you all who like playing games! If you like playing games, especially RPG (Role Playing Game), this is a perfect ways for you to improve your english. RPG game like final fantasy, Ar tonelico, Atelier Iris, Persona series, etc have many dialogues and conversations in english.
So, if you like playing game, don`t just playing but also learn! You can check on dictionary on vocabulary in the game that you don`t know the meaning. And you can also understand how to speak and the phares in english.

*i used to write down the conversation of the game i like and i love to repeat the conversation of the characters afterwards. It even reached one book!*
Beside, this will help you understand the stories of the game better. Don`t be lazy!

p.s : for me, i think this method helps me a lot to learn english and contribute the most!

3. If you like to watch DVD, try to change the subtitles in english instead of your mother language. You can learn while watching.

4. If you like to read, try to buy english newspaper or english novels.
If you don`t know the meaning of something, check up on your dictionary. Maybe its hard but you`ll accustomed to it soon.

5. To improve your speaking ability, try to chat with american or british people in Omegle
This site have many american or british people and required you to talking with them in english.

6. To improve your writing ability, try to write a simple essay in english about something. Maybe your diary, or else.
Or maybe you can try make a blog in english. (like this blog)

Okay, that`s all my tips in improving english based on my experience.
Maybe this post contains many grammatical errors coz i'm still learning anyway. haha.
But, hope this post can be useful for you all

(I`m still learning too XD)


SONY.M.M. said...

nice and useful tips dorara

dorara said...

@ sony :
thanks ^^

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