Feb.20.2011 Saliva can makes your CD`s work again?

Your saliva can makes your CD work out!!

Yes, maybe it sounds gross or disgusting but it`s the fact.!
And i have proved it by myself

It started when my bro wants to play the playstation 2`s games so badly, if i am not mistaken, Resident Evil 4 and makes him so desperate that the game won`t start how many times he tried to take off the CD and put it up again.

He tried to wipe it with tissue and still, the game won`t start.
He tried to wash it with clean water and wipe it till dry, but it also doesn`t work
My bro get confused because he just bought the CD not too long ago, and he rarely played it again.

And so, don`t know what idea he has, he tried to put his saliva onto the CD, and wiped it with the tissue gently and i shouted, "ugh, so filthy.!"
but, the games start and i am surprised but still thinks maybe it`s just a mere coincidence.


And then, not too long ago, i wanna play Ar tonelico 2 (in play station 2) and the CD`s doesn`t work, even i have two CD`s of them (one is my friend`s and i borrowed it)
but the two of them didn`t work which makes me confused because that CD isn`t being played anymore recently.

And so, with a little gross feelings, i remembered the saliva technique and i put my saliva onto the CD and wiped it with tissueee cleanly and....


hahaha :D, so it`s just not a coincidence
and it`s worth to try compared to buying a new CD everytime the games won`t start like that.

But it`s only work out if your CD isn`t broken (of course --") and not have too many scratch
Well, happy trying ^^


Kodok Goreng said...

Hahahahaha, bisa juga gitu. Kalo ane sih punya cara lain. Copy CD yang ngadat di PC lalu dibakar ke CD blank yg baru. Dijamin bakal lancar.

lina@home sweet home said...

Aww, so it works :)

rofi@tips keluarga harmonis said...

I hope it works on any CD. I have some broken movie CD :D

Mandy said...

That's informative and inspiring! Thanks for sharing. ;)

Anonymous said...

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