Mar.16.2011 Moon in the night sky

Lately, i always saw a half-moon which is shining beautifully in the dark-night sky when i was on the way home from my college (recently, i always go back home night, duh -.-)
And, anyway, the moon is so beautiful :D
i like it so much and it`s so rare for me to see a moon shining as clear as this recent nights.. ^^

And so, i took a picture of it;
(Here it is)

Look at a white shine in the middle? that`s the moon!
sorry if the pic isn`t very clear, because i took it from my window`s room with my cellphone`s camera..
I wish i could see that moon again in other chance but with the falling stars on the night sky and i will say my wish ...
and only can hope that my wishes will be come true


Nolovesca11 said...

amazing story ^^

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