Mar.22.2011 I`m getting older in a moment

It looks like my birthday is coming soon..
Now is tuesday, March 22nd, 11.05 PM here in Jakarta, Indonesia when i wrote this post
and about an hour again, my birthday comes on March 23rd and i`ll left my 17 into 18

Honestly, i hate being older, i hate to grown up. hate it so much
okay, maybe this sounds childish but i love being children than to be adults.!

being adults mean i have more and more responsibility to take and i think i`m not ready to it.
being adults mean i have to work someday after i graduate from this university and not depends to my parents anymore.
being adults mean i must behave carefully and unlike children, if you do something wrong, people usually won`t understand it and won`t accept whatever your reason for being wrong.
Plus, i`m the first children in my family and i must be a good sister for my brothers and sister..

ughh.. so many burden to take
there are so many things that i`m still worrying about

But still,
this is something that is unavoidable..
every human will keep growing up, keep getting older without exception..
and time doesn`t wait for us..

so,i must learn to face every problem that comes to me and not being spoiled kid anymore like i was before..
i must be strong, stands on my own, not depends and not expect on others too much
i must change my behavior which is so childish into a mature one.

I am 18 in a moment..

Can i? Can i?
*hope i can*

My wish this year is just, i hope i can being a better person and can change my bad habit..
God Bless me..


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