Oct.31.2010 My love Story

Seems like i`m falling in love with someone *blush*
This feelings is so different from before and before i know it, i`m already falling in love with him
The first time i see him, i got attracted by his smile
And when i get to see him more often, i attracted with him more and more (for me, he is so mature but sometimes childish and his smile is so alluring)

and now i am trying to get that person`s attention but i am confused with him
Is he into me at least a little or not? *hope so*
He is kind to me and my friend said that he may be interested in me but i`m still not so sure because he is also kind to the other girl the same way he treats me that makes me even more confused and drive me crazy T_T
And, because i`m too shy and too afraid to show my true feelings, i always pretend and act like i didn`t like him and just hope that my face won`t get red in front of him so he won`t realize how deeply in love i am~
I am trying to behave normally although it`s hard because my heart is beating and racing fastly and i`m getting so nervous when talking with him
I just can hope and pray to God to give me a chance to communicate with him more and makes him interested in me :)
Wish me luck

Daisuki desu~

A little quotes from some animes (i forgot what) :

*It breaks your heart to see the one you love is walking with someone else but it`s more painful if the one you love is unhappy with you

*Don`t search and find for love. Let love show it by itself. That`s why it`s called falling in love

*Love makes your life so confusing, but without love would you really want to live?


Anonymous said...

Dorara I am interested in you because I cant stop thinking about you. I pray to God that we share life together.

dorara said...

@ anonymous :
who is this? -.-"

Anonymous said...

@ Dorara you may call me Poet for now. I hope you are Marii I met at the mall in Orlando last Saturday, Nov. 13th. I was with my cousin and we stopped and asked you to dance like MJ. If this is not the right Marii, then I give up my search for her because I dont want my heart to lose focus. I trust that God is enough to replace that love. And @ Dorara if you are she, then he meaning me will really love to take us to places we have never seen before, spiritually,mentally and one day when our aging is right physically. Peace and blessings !!!

dorara said...

@ poet :
sorry, but i lived in Indonesia so i think you were talking to the wrong person.
And what makes you think that the girl you met in the mall was me? It`s odd because i don`t use my photo in my profile picture in this blog
Hope you will find her soon :) and good luck..

Poet said...

@Dorara apology accepted but @ i will tell you that i did meet a girl in the mall in orlando and she told me to look for her online and she said google Marii. Which I thought was you and now I apologize for my mistake. With that said, I love your blogs so with your permission i will share wisdom with you time to time. Thanks for your understanding in advance.

dorara said...

@ poet
Oh, are you sure her name was marii? Maybe you misheard? Oh and it`s okay, i don`t really mind so don`t worry

aww thanks poet :),
i like it when people love my blogs ^^
I`ll do my best to makes more and more people like my blogs and feel that my blogs is useful and give them information..

robbie ismail said...

Yes certainly, my sister I'll wish you best luck ever.

harDjoe said...

salam sobat,,balik lagi buat follow sobat,,

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