Nov.02.2010 RainBow over The Sky

This evening i saw a rainbow in the sky by chance
I was sleeping in the car because i`m so tired and suddenly my friend who was driving the car said, "Look, there`s a rainbow."
I wake up and see it.
It`s so beautiful :D

and it`s so rare to see a rainbow in Jakarta, and moreover, rainbow usually appeared after a big rain or else but this rainbow come out only after a little rain (drizzle)

I took a photo of it :
Sorry if it`s quite blur because i took it with my cellphone camera >w<
Hope this rainbow can brings happines for me in November


Cmte. Valter said...

Hello my friend, beautiful blog congratulations, thank you very much for your visit, happy new day with happiness and peace. Hugs Valter.

ladyinpurple said...

I rarely see rainbow in my city..

N3773H said...

so long I do not see rainbow

Smile for You :)

Reyvateilia said...

well that's one of a good rainbow :D

dorara said...

@ all :
yeah i do love the rainbow
thanks all ^^

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