Nov.28.2010 Fiuhhh

*Not in the mood to do anything*

Note : The final exams will be coming soon on December 6th and i`m not ready at all~
Current status : i`m sick and do you know what is my sickness that the doctor told me? lazy syndrome ...
Current activity : playing my nds, eating and... sleeping, wew -.-

Because i am :

feeling depressed~
feeling depressed~
feeling depressed~

feeling empty;feeling bored;feeling something is missing
feeling sad-sad-sad
feeling so-so-so tireddd!!
feeling so stressed out..

feeling bored

wanna cry and cry so badly
wanna scream out loudddd..!!!
wanna get more holidaysss, saturday and sunday isn`t enough!
wanna sleep all day!!!
wanna play playstation and complete many games.
*but i know i can`t* --sigh--

is waiting for something and even i don`t know for sure if it will really happen or not

okay, enough with the grumblings.. Because i don`t know what to write anymore -.-
Btw, this is the first post in my blog which is so weird like this that makes me laugh when i read it again but i don`t care because this is my feelings and after i wrote it down in here, i feel so much better, dunno why :D

Just waiting and wishing that everything will gonna be alright :)
and hope that my lazy syndrome will be cured soon so i can get good grades for my exams and don`t make my dad disappointed..
Wish me luckk.. hahaha.
God Bless Me


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