Dec.06.2010 December oh December

Moshi-Moshi minna-san..!! *Hello everybody*

This is my first post in December and December finally come ^^ lalala
December means christmas is near XD, and i`m looking forward to itt..
And December is also means my final exams in my first semester in this university life is coming and i *must* study hard in order to get a good score to makes my dad proud of me as the dependable and the first child in my family!
ganbattee.. fight fight.. jia youu..!!

No more playing anymore *can i? doubt it.. haha* and i have to be serious in my study because this is the end of this semester and after this i will have a long-long holidayy (yeahh!) and i can do everything i want, including playing all-day and go everywhere i want *hopefully i can go to japan next year*! *huahahahaha XD*


Oh, and .. by the way, i attended a cosplay event last saturday (December 4th), Hellofest 7, at Balai kartini, Jakarta which can be said the biggest cosplay event in Indonesia that occured only one a year, many people come to attending that event, even from outside my province.

And in that event, i wore my newest costume that actually have done last january, but it was a mess so i decided not to wear it anymore until it has been modified and finally it`s done.!
This costume can be said my original costume although at first it`s based from an anime but i sewed it on a wrong tailor and he made it really different from the picture and so-so . .. .... =.=

And... that comes the costume become the original costume because it`s so different than the anime and i have too made it modified first before i decided to wear that costume to an event again and i called this character "christmas doll".

Oh, and back to the topic, at first i was so sad because i`m coming late, 3.30 PM and many of my friends must going back home soon T^T
But, i was soooooo happyy at lastt because at the cosplay event, i can cosplaying again, and can meet many of my friends there, can having fun together before the exams
and ALSO can takes many photos and PLUS, when i looked at the photos when i got back home, i looks so beautiful *narcism :p* and many friends told me that i looks like a doll ^^.
*Yeahh.. Mission accomplished..!!* huahahaa..

Here is my pics at the event :: *no edit, just retouch hahaha XD*

(My bro and my friends said that this one looks like a doll)

(Loved this pic so muccchh ^3^ at Hellofest)

*How is it? Is it good? hahaha.. XD
Actually this costume is like a lolita costume too, and i wore it on December and it`s matched because it`s near christmas lalalaaa ^^

Anyway, i want to say thanks to few persons who helps me in my cosplay last saturday.. hahaha.

*First, say thanks to Dai Tsukiya, who modified this costume till it can be like this. She is a great tailor *placked*, uh, costume maker i mean :p,
She sew in detailed and she know any good fabric and the price is affordable for me :D

*Say thanks too to Nana Koo or Yuliana who applied makes up on my face that can makes my eyes which is so small =.= can looks bigger and also makes my face looks so bright and do hairstyling too to curly my hair and spray it into red for me for ... FREE!!!! ^^.
*i feel guilty though, so i decided to forced her to received payment next time i asked for her help, although she said it`s unnecessary* T_T

*Say thanks too to Desy Natalia Jikoren or DESDUT :p, *kidding des, please don`t be mad at me, huahaha* who often accompany me when i go cosplay and patiently help me put on my costume, applied wig, bring my bag sometimes, bring my other things and many more.
She`s one of my bestfriend although now i rarely see her because we attended different university, kinda miss you Des.. T_T
"Thank you Des, you are really a good friend" huahahaa..

*Say thanks too to Philip, my friend, who lately i forced to come to any cosplay event that i attended to bring his SLR camera and followed me everywhere i go to take photos of me.! huahahaa.. He also kindly bring my bag if it is needed and is so patient deal with my babbling XD
p.s : please don`t waste too much money to buy something that`s not too important ..

*And last, but not least, i wanna say thanks too to all my cosplayers friends who have the same interest in Japan and likes cosplaying likes me and have supported me *i love you all ^3^
but especially i wanna say thanks to Kyorin Clasphere or Kyoko or Rin a.k.a M*rsh* Indir* LOL
She is my best buddy in cosplay and we are the same members in our cosplay team, Clasphere. She often help me and is so patient with me and she is also great costume maker too. I have known her for two years and she likes Ar tonelico so much likes me ^^, and we often attended cosplay event and cosplaying just for the two of us~

***And Looks like everyone who wants to be my friend must be "patient" dealing with me ahahaha sorry, friend for always troubling you all LOL

And that`s it. Wish me luck for this December and hope the most thing i want right now can come true soon ^w^


Administrator Frelia said...

Good job^^

Aguestri said...

hy friend, nice blog i like your blog. I read your article and i like its

keep your blog friend, one smile for you

Dorara said...

thanks ^3^

Spica Neal said...

wah....Marin cantik banget di fotonya.... XD

sibutiz said...

aptly so lovely once..

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