Dec.31.2010 Heppiii nuuu yeaaarr alll..!!!

Hello everybody.. Today is the first day in a new year, 2011
it`s time for us to said "good bye" to 2010 and say "hello" to 2011

so i wanna say : Happy New Year all! Be blessed~!

And i`m so happy because i`ve a great, long-long holiday till the middle of february!

This holiday, i spent time by doing many lazy things hha
such as :
*playing play station, nintendo ds, cards, etc.
*go to mall with friends, play and play or watch movie..
*go out with family
*watch dvd
*eat and sleep, eat and sleep ...

Well, i guess it`s okay because like i said it`s a long-long HOLIDAY and i`ve got nothing better to do so i just spent my time by having fun all-day ^^

Btw, it`s my first post in 2011 and i finally wrote it after few weeks and lately i`m so lazy to turned on the computer dunno why =.=

and i just wanna hope this year, i`ll be a better person, have high spirit and NOT LAZY anymore! haha.


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