OCt.10.2010 Happy Blogging today 10.10.10

Hello all ^^
It`s been a few months since the last time i updated this blog, yeaa
And i`m still so so sooo lazy to write it every time.. T^T
*guess LAZY is my very nature hahaha

Plus, now i`m already a college student, not a student anymore that makes me feel a little bit stressed out because i`m not yet used to the university`s life.. >.<

And today is October 10, 2010 or 10.10.10!
Such a beautiful number isn`t it? hehe.

Oh, and tomorrow is my first exam in my accounting studies in university!
Hope the best score for tomorrow and for the other exams! ^^

So, i`m off to studying!
Wish me luck for my examsXD


SONY.M.M. said...

best of luck for your exam

dorara said...

thanks :)
hope i will get good scores in every exam

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