Aug.27.2010 The Real Me

This is a short fiction story which originally created by me two years ago when i was a second grade of highschool and inspired by persona 4 (play station 2`s game)

I want to show that all of us, human should be honest with ourself although sometimes it`s hard and we may pretend to be someone else, but try to be yourself :)

"You`re the worst! You pretend like you`re a happy girl, always smiling, and always friendly to everybody. But inside of your heart, i know you actually is sucks of all this life and you...."
"STOP! How can you said that shit with my face? That`s not true!!" I screamed loudly in this weird place, angrily to someone that looks precisely like me.
"And besides, where are we? Am i only dreaming?" Said me unbelieveably and still don`t know where am i now.
"HAHAHAHHAAHA..!!!" Laugh her horribly.
"What`s so funny? You haven`t answered my question yet."

"This place... is called the border of truth and lie."
"What? I don`t get it. Why am i in this place? Please answer me!"

Suddenly, i felt a presence of another people here and in my back, i look the siluet of two peoples appear..
I watch carefully and i realized who that people are.
They are... John, my boyfriend and June, my bestfriend in school.
But their conditions seems strange and they don`t look like they how usually are.

"What have you done to them?" I asked her who staring at the two of them too.
"Me? I don`t do anything. I`m just appearing them here."
"You`re bastard! Why you must involved my friends?" Said me as loud as i can
"Hmmm... I allow you to call me that. Yeah, you`re right, i`m a real bastard. But, i just want to remind you. You are me. I am you. We`re the same and if i`m a bastard and you`re either."
"WHAT? NO! That can`t be! Of course you aren`t me! You are only disguise, right?"

"And i`m here right now is because of you. And i just want to be honest with myself. I really-really hate them! I want to kill them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Said the other "me" with spear which appeared suddenly in her hand, ready to stab the two of them.
"NOOOOOOOOO!! That`s absolutely wrong. I never think of that. Please,, let go of them. Just.. Just kill me if it makes you happy, okay?" Said me desperately.

She suddenly cackled like a witch`s laugh.
"HAHAHA. Now you want to act like you`re a hero in front of your friends, huh?!"
"No! That`s...."
"Hmm.. John.. John.. He`s dumb. very-very dumb. He`s so in love with me. Yess.. I`m happy with the way of that....."
"No no no! Don`t said any of that agaiiiinn!" Said me, hystericly
"But unfortunately, i never love him! Not a single feeling of my heart ever love him. I hate boys that only use their money and power to make them popular. I despise him! And so do i, i only use him to increase my popularity in school and to take revenge then dump him someday like he always do to girls!"
"What?" Said me, surprised. "Friends, don`t trust her, okay? You two know i would never think of that, right? What she`s saying is just a bullshit."
"HAHAHAHAHA!! Why so panicked if what i`ve said is just a bullshit? Or... Maybe it was true?"
"NOO! Go away!! Don`t talk like you know everything about me coz that`s all not true!!"

"And.. June.. June.. June. You are a dumb too, same like John. You have to admit that you have become popular is because of me. You have to thank me thousand of times i still want to be friends with you that are shy, ugly, thick glasses and those plaits hair? hahaha! You`ll never ever be popular without me. Just so you know, i want to be friends with you and still do is just because of your intelligent and.. you`re so-so pity! hahaha."
"No.. Please.. I beg you! Don`t said any of that again.." Said me, with watering eyes, almost crying.
"Hahaha, now you admit that what i`m saying is the fact? Aren`t you ashamed of yourself? How long will you keep deceiving yourself and the others?"
"No... I..." Said me weakly and have cried.

"Karen, you`re so cruel. I may act like i`m the king in school because of my father`s wealth, and i will admit that i`m a playboy and may not sensitive, don`t care about girl`s feelings at all and have made many girls cried because of me. But it`s all about my past. And as just you know, you`re the first woman that i really love after all this time. I love you so much. But if that`s the way you think, that you want to be my girlfriend just because to increase your popularity and dump me someday, it`s.. it`s okay, at least for now you still belongs to me." said John with calming smile in his face."
"I don`t...." said me, unable to talk anymore.
"So that`s the way you think of me as long as we`re friends, huh? You told me that i`m your bestfriend. You kept saying how you appreciate me because of my intelligent. How you said that i`m important. How you build my confident that i`m useful and make me thought that maybe a person like me still have something to give to the world. So, that`s a lie too, huh? You just want to take advantages on me, huh? How stupid of me that i thought you`re so kind like an angel who have a pure heart. And now i know, you`re an angel, but not from heaven but from hell!!" Said June with tears in her eyes, unable to control her emotion.

I can`t take it anymore. I couldn`t drop even any single word that i started to crying.
Suddenly, i realized the shadow of mary and john disappear.
"How is that? You deserve all of that. Do you understand now? How long you want to deceived people with your act? But don`t worry. This is just an illussion. I..." Said the other me, begin softly.
"Yes. I understand. You`re a part of me. A bad side of me which i don`t want to admit. I realize but this bad side will only embarasses me more so i decided to hide that feelings deep inside my heart and keep pretending to be a good girl. But now, you made me realize, i.. make many people hurt if i kept continued this act.. Good outside but bad inside. Pretending to be a good girl to make everyone like me but feel depressed inside." Said me with tears dropping from my eyes.

"Seems like you`ve already understand why i`m here.."
"So, i must be honest to myself because nobody is perfect, right? It`s okay to show them my bad sides and if they`re really my friend they must be understand that me too, the perfect girl in school have bad side too. I must change myself and the way i think. Thank you, me.. You make me realized." Said me with a smile.


Huhhh! I woke up suddenly when i heard my alarm clock ringing. It`s already 6.00 AM. Time to wake up, take a bath and then go to school. I still remember clearly that dreams... I remember every part of it, what happened in that world. Yeah, a dream that looks like so real.
I recall anything happened and this morning i`ll change into the new me with huge smile and i promise i`ll be more honest to myself.

Thank you, me.. ^^

Hope you like this seemed to be weird story. haha.


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