Jul.22.2010 I HATE YOU SO MUCH, MOM!

It seems like i`ll never match with her.

I`ve written this post that i hate her so much not only this time.
I`m tired of her.
I hate her.

But this time, i can`t deny that she looks like a CRAZY person which should be put in ASYLUM, not in a normal house, which contains only normal people!!!

It all started from this morning about 8 AM when i woke up because i heard a loud voice from bottom. I woke up and then i saw her talking with strange voice, not like her voice usually. It looks like she was possessed by some evil spirit.

I`m scared of her.

She said for herself that she is a devil, not a human.
She babbling many times that justice must be hold, about she is tired with human, about the times will come when people will know the truth, etc.
She even CACKLED "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA" like a witch or bad people in the movie do.

Then, I asked my maid who was sweeping the floor outside my room in second floor about what`s going on.
And my maid told me that it seems like my mom asked my dad to give her a lot of money and when my dad asked what for? My mom suddenly acted like that.

My maid told me that i should stay in second floor and don`t come near her to stay out of the problem. But due to my curiosity about what`s going on, i get down the stairs to see what was happened.

And i saw her with her hands in the position to choke someone was shouting at my dad.

I`m afraid.

My dad, which i know must be tired of my mom and must be mad, still said patiently,
"You just said you need it, so just take it."'
And my dad left to the front left my mom babbling alone.

I saw money that become the subject in the table. Don`t know the ammount of it. But it sure a lot of money. When i take the money, just want to know the ammount of it, not willing to owned it, i looked her staring at me and said

She glared at me and i`m afraid so i ran to the second floor and shout, "mbakkk... mbakkk" (in indonesian, because i dunno what the english is) and apparently she followed me.
I`m frightened of her. Seems like she`s a demon now.
*sounds like a horror movie, huh? But it`s the truth*

I search my maid in my room, but she wasn`t there. I heard a voice from the bath room. She must washing the bath room. Panicked, i pound the bath room`s door many times because it`s locked and my mom is getting close at me.

My maid opened the door and i covered near my maid till holding her hand, trembling.
My mom stared at me and said,

Then, she stared at my maid till repeating those lines.
I defend my maid by said, "Mom, just stop it!"
But she seems don`t care. She pull my maid`s hand till said, "Go to the bottom with me. Take the money on the table. Just take it."

I shouted at her again and my maid told me to be quiet.
I shout, "Mom, you seems like a demon if you acting that way"
Then, my mom glaring at me so i ran into my brother`s bedroom.

She followed me. Then she said, "Yes, you`re right. I`m a demon. HAHAHAHHAHAHAA"
I`m afraid of this pressure so i cry.
"Mom, you are a devil, not my mom anymore!"

She stared at me and almost choked my neck.
Although trembling and crying, i still shout "Mom, if you choked me, you will be covered in sin."
My mom cackled again and said,
"Heh. What do you know about sin? I don`t care. Let`s choked each other! (Ayo maen cekek-cekekan). HAHAHHAHAHAHA."

I ran into my maid again outside the room and my dad came.
After that, my dad pushed my mom to go to the bottom.
I heard voice

And my maid calmly told me who was still crying to understand the situation and just shut up, just leave her alone and don`t said anything to her. Just leave her talking to herself.

And then, i heard the voice of car`s machine and i looked outside through the second floor
window that my dad have gone to work.
I wonder what happened about my mom then

I looked down again afterwards, only through the gaps on the floor and i see my mom have sure calmed down!!!!!

She already got the money and now she was sitting in the chair and be silent. Not talking anything anymore.
Looks like she`s not possessed anymore but still i`m afraid to go near her. I just looked at her from the stairs.

Oh, my..

So, all the things she does is only to get the money, that she considered is her right???????????
But you never act like a mom. You only asked for your right but you never do your responsibility as a mom.

I remembered she ever threatened my dad two times to kill herself if my dad won`t give her money.
And after dad give her money, she would calmed down like this.
Precisely like this.

How terrible are you, mom.
Just asked for money from dad. But you never help him work for money.
You just said that accepting money from dad is your right but you never do your job as a mom.

You never care about us, your children.
Just care about your problem and abandoned your children.
You never care about how are we, never care about our education, etc.

Okay, i`m tired of writing it.
I have written post like this in this blog more than once and i hate to repeat the story why i hate her.

I hate her.
I hate her.
I hate her.

I feel pity for my dad to marry such a woman like her and still could be patient not to divorce her as quickly as possible.
The reality is, my dad is tired of her too.
He ever told me that one reason that he hasn`t divorced my mom is, us, his children.
He think that it`s not good for a children to have a single parent so he hasn`t divorced her yet.

How could he be so patient meanwhile my mom is insolent???
It`s not fair.

But my mom wouldn`t understand because what she cares is only herself

What i write above is 100 % the truth and i`m not making up this story at all.
But what i write is not all the story only the summary of what`s going on today.

Ah, how could i have a mom like her, but it`s already my destiny.
I should be more patient.


Reyvateilia said...

just be patient, kay? :(

god will give the way for you :D

dorara said...

Sorry for late to reply.. hahaha.
*bhs formal bgt nih gio tp gpp yah latian pake ingg skalian XD

yeah i will try to be more patient
thanks ^^

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