Jul.19.2010 daisuki desu, HAYASHI KENTO ♥

YOSH! From today, my internet connection have been
fixed and i will start blogging again after about two months stop blogging due to my laziness D:

Today i will post about HAYASHI KENTO!
He is my favorite male actor for now :D
Usually, i`m not easy to like one actor.
Maybe i only said he is good looking or, his acting is good and that`s all.

i seldom like an actor like a fanatic person did.
But, Hayashi Kento is the first actor who makes me like him just from first sight ♥ ^^

At first, on my high school-to-university holidays, i get bored on my usual activities
at the long holiday and i started to look up on my dvd`s collection.
FYI, i don`t really like watching dvd. It`s not that i don`t like watching movies but i prefer watching in cinema. I prefer playing games, though.

And i found shokojo seira ( 小公女セイラ), a japanese dorama, means a little princess in english which i borrowed about few months ago from my friend, desy who really likes to watch dvd.

And then, after i read the summary of the movie and looks the cover of the dvd, i decided to try watching it. I thought maybe the movie is good and could dispel my boredom.
the movie is so good and often makes me cry.

At first, i got bored in few scenes but after the appearance of Kaito, the character at this drama (hayashi kento), i can`t stop watching it even till 05.30 am!!
it exceeds my record, 03.00 am, when i really like to play one game.

Now i understand how desy feels. When she really likes to watch one dvd, she could watch till 05.00 am even in the school days. So, she doesn`t sleep again till school which started at 06.30 am.
I always feels that`s weird
Just stay till 05.00 in the morning, and that day is school day just to watch dvd?
Can`t you just continue that later?
I liked to playing games (in play station) but i played the most morning only till 03.00 am.

but now i understand her feelings.
I slept 05.30 am in the morning to finished watching 10 episodes of shokojo siera ♥
It`s so touching plus romantic XD
Luckily, it`s holiday, not a school day :D
If it was a school day, i could sleep all day too in school! nyahahaha

i guess i just got attracted at Hayashi kento`s cute face...

awwww.. kakkoii nee :D (handsome in japan)
This is few screen shoots of him paired with Shida mirai in Shokojo seira

After finished this movie, i search for his profile in google and here it is...

Name : Kento Hayashi
Japanese Name : 林遣都 (はやし けんと)
Birthdate : December 6, 1990
Birthplace : Ootsu, Shiga perfecture, Japan
Hobby : Swimming, guitar, baseball, calligraphy
Blood type : o

He is currently represented by the Stardust promotion
He was first scouted at shibuya station in 2005 while on a school trip. He made his debut in The battery film

(waaa! XD, i must watch this movie too)

And that`s it
waaa i can`t wait to go to Japan and hope i can meet the real Kento Hayashi!! ♥


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