Sept.29.2009 Experience on Photo shoot..

About a week ago, exactly on 25 sept 09 last friday, me and some of my friends planned to go to UI/ Universitas Indonesia which located at depok (university of indonesia) to photoshoot for cosplay purpose from ar tonelico, our favorite game ^^
This event is not held by some organisation or whatsoever, but pure held by only us!!
we wanna make photo session there

We agreed to meet there and start our photo session at about 11 AM

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Sept.21.2009 My activity at my home in this "lebaran" holiday ^w^


Since my housemaids "back to their village"...
i must help my mom and dad doing many activities in home..
and for addition, i have 2 bro n ` 1 sis =_=
Plus, they`re naughty .. Especially my first bro, Mario

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About Mana Khemia 2 : Fall of the alchemist !!

Now i want to write down about one of my favorite games ^^
Mana Khemia 2 : fall of the alchemist !!
It`s created by gust
and it`s translated by NIS america

I always like the game created by gust and translated by NIS america
and that games become my MOST favorites for RPG games !!
For example : Ar tonelico and Atelier iris

The gameplay is unique..
enjoyable and not make me bored
The story is great n make us want to know the continuation of the story
and i like the graphic too ^^
i like the design of the characters and the costumes for the characters!!
even i make a cosplay costume of Misha Arsellec Lune from Ar tonelico : Melody of elemia
And usually the main character is handsome (for boys) n pretty or cute (for girls)
And i always enjoy playing it ^^

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Finally, play PS2 again!!! BANZAII ^0^

In my latest post, i said that i haven`t played ps2 in a long time..

But finally, after yesterday i bought Mana Khemia 2 : Fall of the alchemist,
i start to play again in my room!!
i am looking forward to play this game..
wohooo ^o^

I enjoy played although this ps isn`t mine.
My ps2 is broken and haven`t repaired yet..
i borrowed from my buddy, Lilies

i played from 8 pm till 1 am..
Time passed very quickly without being realized while i was playing game tonight..

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