Jun.15.2016 / もうすぐ一年間に日本に住んでいますよ!In a moment, I will be living in Japan for 1 year!

Hi everyone! Here I am again! ^^

Without me realizing it, per next month (july), I will be living in Japan for one year! One year! One year seems so far at a glance, but suddenly you won`t realize that a year is over once again! Wow. Like, 2016 feels like just yesterday, but we are now already in the mid of 2016, right? Like, time why are you so fast that it scares me. :(

I feel like I`ve been my usual self. Nothing changes much from a year ago before I came to Japan. Only, obviously, my japanese ability is increasing. Lol, which is super natural since I`ve been spending one year learning japanese here and living everydays in a full japanese language environment.  I`d be such a fool if my japanese level stayed the same. Lol. At least, for now, I could read different types of manga and play RPG games in japanese better, could understand the nuance and the meaning easily, and could recognize and read the text (in full kanji) faster! Yeay.!!!! *SO HAPPY* It's still far from perfect, tho. as I still need the help of dictionary and internet, naturally. But if I remembered around that time when I first came to Japan, around august last year, when I was having a difficulty reading even a DORAEMON MANGA! Uh! I feel like a blockhead at that time, LOL! It's already a big achievement!!! (Well, at least for me.) Because, well, my first reason of why I love Japan, to the point I decided to came here is because of my interest in game and manga things like from childhood days. And from that I begin learn about Japanese culture, lifestyle, etc. ^^

Only unfortunately, even though I`m not confident enough in my japanese, (well, obviously, there is still so much much to learn to be said a master in japanese, in my opinion.) But truthfully, and sadly, I feel like my english ability is kind of getting dull, now, since like everyday, most of the time, I hear japanese all the time. From school, part time place, station, restaurant, supermarket, and other public places which makes my brain kind of automatically tend to translating things to japanese now (doesn`t mean that I`m good), instead of english or even to my native language sometimes. Maybe when it comes to reading, it's not such a problem for me, because I still love reading manga in internet using english. The problem is when I have to speak. That`s why, when people suddenly, like without notice ask something that requires me to speak in english, my mind tend to kind of blank for a moment before I could speak properly. Maybe only foreigners whose native languages is not english who have been living or at least have an experience living in Japan would understand. :')

For example, when I want to say that you're wrong! That`s wrong! or something like that, my brain kind of automatically say, "違う!ちがう" (read : chigau!) first instead of "you're wrong" in english, or even "salah!" in Indonesian. Lol. Or in a situation when I want to say, that's impossible! The first thing that come into my mind is "無理!むり " (read : muri!) instead of "impossible!" in english or "gak mungkin!" in Indonesian. Japanese, you are scaring me now at how fast you're taking control of my brain! LOL!

Ah, and maybe another changes that are apparent for me is, after meeting a lot of new people, especially to finally be able to meet and be friends with my-long-time-adored japanese people, work with them, and even hanging out with some of them... My way of thinking about Japan and the japanese itself is... kind of changing gradually from my naivety, positive prejudice about Japan at first! Well, there is a saying that even a perfect person would have a defect/fault, and naturally, it is also applicable to a country!  Japan is not that perfect as it described in story books. Japan is a beautiful, modern, high-tech, and super clean country. キレイ!Yes, I admit that much. But on the other hand, there is a super hard-working, super super strict society inside. *Maybe I will write up about one of the examples in my next post. But I think that`s what makes japan, japan. If the japanese were not what they are now, Japan wouldn`t be such a great country that makes me, and also another hella of people attracted of its own charm and come here, right?

But after all the things being said and done, out all of the positivity and the negativity Japan have, after almost one year living here around Japanese personally, I didn`t have any regret at all that I decided to come here, not just for few days for travelling purpose but to actually live here! It had always been my dream since childhood days to live in Japan someday from sakura's season in spring until the snowy season of winter and I`m happy that it finally came true! And besides, if I hadn`t come here, I wouldn`t have known, right? And it still doesn`t change the fact now that I LOVE JAPAN! 日本、大好き!:))

Well, my journey is still a long, long way  to go. Still so many things to do, still many many things to accomplish. So many bucket lists!!!! For now, I should use the time effectively to learn japanese properly because someday, when the time is come to the day I leave Japan and have to return to my country, there wouldn`t be many chances to speak japanese freely like I am now, and maybe my japanese could be dull too, if not often used.

And also! To travel around Japan as much as possible, :DD (well, since I`m in Japan already), not only the Japan you only get to know if you're a tourist, like that usual mainstream, tourist spots, but I also want to discover, explore something new about japan, something rare, that many people wouldn`t know that such a place exist! A privilege of living in Japan! YEAY! It's also one of my dreams to visit all 47 prefectures of Japan, at least once. Hehe. Seems too much of a dream, tho :( For now, if I`m not mistaken, I`ve visited a total of 13 prefectures out of 47. Not a bad of a number, eh? At least for me. :p Ah, and one more achievement unlocked. I`ve finished exploring all 7 prefectures in Kansai region!!! YEAY! Well, since I live in Osaka, the centre of Kansai region, anyway. It would be such a waste if I didn`t use the chance to visit the neigborhood, too :p

But for now, I must side away the idea of having fun or travelling for later. LOL. These few months have been so busy for me, and every foreigners who's been studying in Japan. In about two weeks later, I will be having Business Language Japanese Test (BJT) and a week after BJT, there is Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), I`m taking N2 level. It`s becoming such a burden because we can`t afford to fail this time! Because if we happen to fail, we have to wait until december to get to take the same test again! It's too late and risky, if I may say. Because the school program is over on march next year and that means that december is your last chance to get your qualification! For me, my plan is, if I succeed this time, at least I could be a little relief and then try my luck on N1 level, the highest level in JLPT, next december. Huffff.

The struggle is real, friends! Counting the days to the tests, every day, we have been taught SO MANY new vocabularies, grammar, etc, and we are encouraged to be able to read the kanji and also know the meaning of ALL of it. And also, listening practices, reading practices, etc.

And as for me, since I`m also taking the BJT, the stress is kind of doubled, because japanese have other ways of saying to refer someone who is on higher status than them, a honorific form to show your respect to your boss, teacher, etc. And trust me, it is very confusing, like, different words for different cases and it even being said that even the japanese themselves don`t always master the proper use of these honorifics. Like, the usual japanese form already having SO MANY FORMS, WORDS AND KANJI and makes me confused like ASFDFFGGKWP@@@ and even now added with honorific form too,. x_x" *dead.  超難しい!*(meaning : so difficult!!!!)

By the way, for the foreigners who wants to continue their education here, to the bachelor level, they have to take EJU instead of BJT. And EJU IS ALSO SUPER HARD!!! Although you don`t want to, you have to learn SO MANY TECHNICAL WORDS for the sake of reading and listening problems, too, that probably wouldn`t be much use in your daily life. Many of those words appear only in news, in newspaper, etc. Well, if you could understand it, it's better, so you could gain more comprehension of the japanese language itself.... But still....

So, the point is everyone is having their struggles now!!! Whether for those who want to work here or want to study here. So me too, should really do something to brush up my japanese now, like review grammars, learn many new words, instead of writing up this blog LOL!!!!!

And..... after the test is over, (WISH ME LUCK FOR THE TEST!!! MUST SUCCESS!!!!) there comes the long awaited summer holiday when I will be freely returning home for a short holidaaaaay without have to think about japanese for a moment, lol. Like, yeyyyyyy finallyyyyyy after one year time of staying here~  How I miss my family and friends!!!!!! Ah, and I especially miss Indonesian foods LOLLL! It's kind of funny how in Indonesia I love Japanese foods, but in Japan, honestly speaking, I`m kind of bored already with japanese food, LOL. Indonesian tend to use many spices, so the japanese food cooked in Indonesia is better in our tongue as an Indonesian LOL. But real japanese food cooked in japan is healthier since japanese don`t like to use many flavoring, so it's somehow rather plain. That`s why Japanese are healthy, and still active even in old ages. And Japanese is also said to have a long life compared to people in other countries!!! WOW! さすが、日本!

I love Japan so much, but やっぱり、I still miss my homecountry, Indonesia. It's irreplaceable :))

Well, bye bye for now, and thanks for those who are willing to spending an amount of your time in life to read this now. :) 


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