Jan.11.2016/ To the one I`m in a love and hate relationship with, happy birthday!

Hi, mate! I just wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!

Without us realizing it, it's already 2016, which means we've known each other and become friends for 6 years already! From when we were both still a college student, until we graduated and you chose to go to China and I, to Japan. Just wow!

@ DO FUN. 2012's faces :)
Look at our smiley, (still) innocent faces back then :)
(Still) ancient pics. 2013 something
newest's faces. Taken early jan 2016
Look at how different we are from before!
Firstly, thank you for the amazing trip last year. It was thanks to you and your family that I could enjoyed China, (Beijing and Harbin) to the whole. Thank you for accompanying me even though you were still in your busy school days, yet you still made time to hang out with me after school, going to the places I wanted to go, in that superrrrr duperrrrrrrrrrrr cold weather (I`m not lebay, hey), when you could just rolling in your warm bed if it wasn`t for me. And what's more, you even still manage to cook for me?!!, That I could do some "penghematan" right now by not eating outside. LOL. But, seriously, you don`t have to do that. I`m touched. :') Thank you!

I know on these kinda age we are now, well at least for me, I don`t feel the kind of excitement on getting near my birthday like I used to be anymore. (Well, maybe that's the sign of getting old already?) Hiks. :'(  Like, I`m not feeling the thrill or any expectation anymore, like, "what kind of gifts I'll be receving this year?" or "What kind of surprise I would be getting from my friends this year?" or maybe "I wonder who will remember my birthday, and send me greetings" (Well, most of our contacts and acquaintances will come to know, thanks to facebook's birthday reminder, tho not all will send greetings. Not that I even care if we are not close. It's just formality, after all.)

TBH, as in the state I am now, I hate getting closer to my birthday again as it would mean I will be getting older again by one year, much responsibilites, much expectation from others. #Huffft.

So now, in order to make it a little more special (not just your ordinary birthday), I am thinking to give a present to you to kind of celebrate it, but the problem is I don`t really have any idea what I should give as a birthday gift as I thought that giving things you could buy in stores as present aren`t that meaningful anymore (at least for me). Besides, you already have everything and could buy it yourself if you want. And I know I`m also not creative enough to make handmade things or something related to art works. Hmmm.

Do you remember where and when?
And I remembered one thing (I think) I`m good enough, that is, making up a long. long, long, (hope not boring) post. (a.k.a mengarang bebas). LOL. This was why I often got good scores in school/college days especially in theory subject with essays test. Teehee. :P 

A little OOT, but here I give you some stories on how I was dealing with scores back then.
Even if you don`t know the answers to the questions, just answer it. AS LONG AS POSSIBLE if you could until the paper is completely full and your hand feels worn out after. Just, don`t leave it blank. 

Apparently, the teachers would directly think you are good that way and even tho your answers may not make sense and only making repetitive sentences again and again, they would at least appreciate your effort by giving you some points. And some teachers would be too lazy checking up and read your whole paper while he still got many other answer sheets to check. And there you got your easy points. Cheap but works. :P

So here I am, right now. Typing words by words.
Hope it would be making some senses and not just some random, boring post. HAHA.

If not, I will just make this big PEACE sign in the air... Tee hee :P
I know it is very usual for us to get into a fight due to my serious issue of sensitiveness combined with your lil' harsh words..... haha,.. Like, I always know that you mean well, but the way you say it always makes me can`t help myself to.... ... pick up a fight with you! (of course not a man-fight with brute strenght, but more ladylike, so, duel with.. words it is plus tears from my eyes after that.. lol) 

young, wild and free~
But! Despite that so much fight we've been through, no matter what, we always ended up being friends again in just no time! Like, how cool is that? XD

I am always thinking that we kinda represent oil and water (one of the worst combination possible, maybe? haha.) where one is super clumsy and a crybaby as well ;_; (I admit this much) while another one is not so generous enough to pick up more nice and proper words to say. A "nice" combination, no? hahahah! :P

Should be proud of ourselves here.
Together we have survived that harsh winter weather, too.
At that -25 C day/ *shiver
But nevertheless, I always feel like telling you my problems and whatever I have in my mind as the one I trust to give me good advice? even tho sometimes I already got a hunch beforehand that your opinion and PoV might not suit me well, and we might get into a cat-and-dog situation again after that if I don`t do like what you said and then you started to get mad at me... And (I must admit, in some situations only), it turned out that you were right. I should`ve listened to you, and I sighed to you that I should have done this instead of that, and you were there looking at me with, "noh kan, dibilang ga percaya sih" looks. LOL.

Inside the being said FAST but SUPER SLOW! train from Beijing to Harbin on the first day of 2016!
*sampe kerjain peer musim dingin dalam kereta #hufft
Btw, just realized me posing peace in every pics *udah mati gaya*
Anddd~ the cycle keeps repeating itself, and that`s why I said we are always in a love and hate relationship when I could say I love you in a second and I hate you in another second LOL. (kayak orang pacaran aja). #huffft

Despite your harsh outward appearances and your tongue (LOL), I know deep inside you are a super loyal and caring friend to keep. Who would listen to my stories and give advices about my super complex and complicated family problems and all, thank you for being my another mom and big sister's figure for me (MAMI JELAAAAYYY YEYYY), the one who taught me (or rather, forced me but now I`m MOST GRATEFUL) to learn how to use eyeliner to bigger my eyes! THANKYOUUU HAHA! :') (finally I could get my eyes bigger!!!!!!!!)

MY make up "guru"
You always love to cook, and I remember you kinda made some money back then in college days from selling your own "coba-coba" recipe to your friend who opened a restaurant. You're also the one who whole-heartedly and patiently.... taught me how to cook precisely step by step....... yeah, cause I`m that newbie and poor in kitchen, that my specialty cooking which I could do without any help or instruction is.... instant noodles, Indomie it is! *proud not :(

Even we are no longer in Jakarta, thank you for keep being my cooking guru until now!! HAHA! Using either messages, voice call, or video call, that it was thanks to you that now I could finally made ayam bumbu kuning and sayur brokoli campur jamur by myself with a pretty good taste (at least it's acceptable in my opinion). LOL. Long time no cook again, btw. Let's do this again sometimes, maybe? :P Another easy, new recipe for me pleaseeee, (If you're not busy and I`m not lazy it is).
*kapan-kapan~~~~ belum tentu jelas kapannya saya tak malas~~ HAHA!

Ah, and thank you for the lunch you made me that time when I still worked at Wallstreet, you even dropped it yourself and put it inside the office's pantry with that sweet message, that my office mates kinda thought that we're lesbian or something LOL. (To think it positively, they just envy me because no one bring them food like this!) XD

Special lunch box made by CHEF ANGELA.
*Pic's kinda blurry :(
Message written there :
1 : "Ayamnya masukin ke piring lalu masukin ke microwave"
2 : "Happy Late Lunch Time ....... something something" (too blurry to read)
Oh, and kinda missing this moment..... When we cooked together in my house making some kinda shabu-shabu

Despite its "berantakan" appearances, I assure you, its super tasty!!! 
The one who's been there for me every time I got into trouble, like got duped due to my clumsiness *sorry*, and for all the things that we've been through, like Candra Kusumah's case, where you accompanied me going to the police and have to deal with many matters, until our trip to Cibinong, huahahaha.. It becomes funny now and I can`t help but laughing myself whenever I think about that series of event (incident?) when it's over now. XD (We probably wouldn`t forget that name as long as we live, would we?) LOL.

Speaking of CK earlier, here is a little #throwbackpics I found in my laptop LOL (Thanks dropbox for saving so many #random picssssssssss, got 10.000+++ pics, that even pics like this are still there LOL). I`m even laughing right now inserting this... XD

I believe in you, I believe in you :(
Giving away your real address just like that? LOL.
I may be stupid for falling into your tricks but thank God you're stupider :(
Your swear words "Demi Allah" thingy doesn`t buy me anymore. Sorry :) 
He even openly mentioned where does he study and it turned out the scam is done by 2nd grade of junior high school's student (with many victims already. Not only me, hey!)
Like, OMG today's society. :')))))
Ended up asking my pity :(
The problem solved well. My money's back. I still got to watch the concert happily. :'))) (It was amazing btw!!!! Tay's so superrrrrbbbbb!!!!!). ALL IS WELL. And there I promised not too being clumsy or trust unknown people/strangers easily again. (Tho it's hard living in this world when you can`t trust others easily but what can I say?) Huffft. Thank you mate and unmentioned friends for your help in confronting this trickster. :')))))

,,,, back to the laptop. Oooops.

My shopping partner, my hang out buddy, my karaoke friend, my kelapa gading's mate, back to those days when you just showed up suddenly in my house by riding a motorbike, bringing a helmet, and shouting my name to get out just like that...........

And then we would go to Ayam Kremes Keraton, McCafe, Nasi Uduk Lapangan Tenis, 212 wirosableng, eating siomay near kelapa nias, etc (name any food places in Kelapa Gading), or even SOJU-ing. XD, or maybe we just simply meet there at MKG while eating sushi tei or ippeke komachi there and do some strolls while exchanging stories and gossiping. LOL. Ah, how I miss those days (AAAH ME WRITING THIS I`M CRAVING FOR INDONESIAN FOOD.) Ah, don`t forget you're also my last kelapa gading's busway partner when going back home from UNTAR after Lilies is gone to Australia and Sophie moved to south Jakarta :(

BTW, I look super pale without my holy eyeliner!!!!
And what's that PONI? Super fail!
OMG Did I ever look like that? :(
Let's do some SOJU again!!! HAHA!

Seafood 212's cumi goreng tepung and ikan something something
Haven`t eaten this in like 6 months already :(

After many food pics, don`t forget to include selfie pic at our fav busway's stop : ASMI
Also my jalan-jalan friend, thank you for the amazing trip to Jogja (July 2013), after that Bali (Dec 2014), along with Venny and Sophie, too. Plus a trip to China (Beijing and Harbin, late Dec 2015- early Jan 2016) with your whole family, too. Hope we could find time to go on trip together again in the future....... :)

Jogja, July 2013
Bali, Dec 2014
Beijing, early Jan 2016
Sunglasses sunglasses with matching scarfs now!
Thank you for the creative, hand-made graduation gift which you made with lots of thoughts, judging by the looks. Thank you for the sweet farewell pigura you gave to me through your sister just before I went to Japan to study. You really didn`t have to do that while you were already out of country yourself, tho. And thank you for the foods and things as oleh-oleh from China you dropped to my home for my family while I`m already in Japan when you went home last summer for holiday. I remembered I asked why you still brought things to my home while I myself even not home, and you said, you don`t like to differentiate others since you also brought it for Venny and Sophie. LOL.

See, I know u love me cause here is the proof!!! XD
Farewell gift.
Angel - Venny - Sophie - Mari
Before the last "sidang" to decide whether I`m eligible to graduate or not :)
Because of you, I could passed the LAST EXAM and graduated!
*Ok this is just me being lebay again LOL
Y U So creative?
................ And finally, the long-awaited day has come...................... After your "super extra ordinary" thesis-making incident, LOL. (you're always cursed, huh? Talking about always getting the most killer lecturer one!!) that made you keep saying that you probably won`t be able to tag along with us to Bali in order to finish your thesis in time and be able to graduate the next period...... and left us 3, your children (me, Venny, and Sophie) alone... (just, what kind of mom are you? LOL.) where as it was YOU, yourself who even suggested the idea, and bought the flight tickets from Jakarta to Bali! HAHA.

Like, finally,, all your effort paid up :)

But unfortunately.... that didn`t happen. Because we were having so much funn at our lives thereeee (When and where should we go next, guys? Count me in!!! :D). And that I think about it now, it was a super rare chance for us girls to be able to go together again since each of us had already started working at that time. (remember how hard it is for me to ask for "cuti" permission from WS? "You must make 100-million-rupiah's selling by the tenth of December" Like OMG. #CRY T_T). Ah, besides, we kinda got a feeling already that you would come anyway in the end... :PP You wouldn`t that cruel to actually left us 3 alone, would you? :P

It was a great night! 
Room-selfie! We just love to take selfies so much, don`t we?
Bikini kinda day! :D @ Potato Head
No need to be embarassed coz it's just us and we have no guys (we know) around
Only strangers and we don`t care!
#perutgaratagitujugagapeduli :( #hufft
Next beach day! @ Vue Beach Club!
Sophie trying to catch the sunset, LOL
It also makes me remember the metro mini's case. I rarely ride public buses, and that time, we tried to ride one because waiting for the busway to came seems to be tiring. And you saved me from that mas-mas who almost stole my bro's PS Vita inside my bag by speaking up frontally to him. (Thank you, you saved me from his anger.) LOL.

You're not scared to speak up to others on behalf of your friends. Yeah, you were always that brave in dealing with people, in communicating what you want. And (sometimes), I admire that side of you. Because I admit I`m the hypocrite type of people myself where if people hurt me, on most occassion, I tend to keep it inside to the point that I'd be mad myself later and then seeking advice from others on how I should handle it while still keeping a nice face in front of that person. Different from you, who are able to speak frontally if you don`t like what someone did/said to you, even if they are someone you don`t know personally/ a stranger, directly in front of their faces, even tho that'd make people who don`t really know you kinda scared of you, LOL. Talk about giving them that first impression! (I remembered my first impression towards you when we first met, LOL). XD

Yeah, you are that strong and reliable, and it's 100% the opposite of me and maybe that's why I attracted to your spirit and tend to depended on you much, *sorry*.

And many many manyyyyyy more I haven`t written here but know that even the bad memories would turn out to be a nice and funny, laugh-material memories to remember and look back at. For example : The above-mentioned Candra Kusumah's case. It was a bad experience after all, but it gets kinda funny somehow after I recalled back now, don`t you agree? LOLLLLLL. XDD

Here I am expressing my sense of gratitude to you as I never really have a chance to say any of these all this time. HAHA. Even though we fight every now and then, (They say fight is necessary in every kind of relationship, be it friendship, too), I feel very lucky to still have you as my dear friend with my clumsiness, childishness and all. Hehe. As goes with the saying that "At the end of the day, you don`t need a certain number of friends, just a number of friends you can be certain of." I`m certain that you are one for me :) I hope that our friendship could last........ Btw, do you realize that the frequency of our fights get lessen and lessen now that we're not college students anymore, I guess it's one of the proof that we're already matured one step ahead YEAY! LOL!

Different days tho, our pose, even faces were the same still! :0 
That being said, HAPPY BIRTHDAY once again, my pal, ANGELA SETIAWAN! May you are always blessed by God with good health and long life. Finish your study in China, come back to Jakarta soon and may success be upon you in whatever you do next, whether it is working in an office, or working as a radio's broadcaster, teaching mandarin language to kids or highschooler, or taking cooking class maybe? Either way, can`t wait to hear good news from you when you get back to Jakarta. :) Hope you find your prince soon, too! Feel free to chat me or call me if anything comes up! Also, believe in yourself. You are strong, you are a smart woman, you are good, and you could be whatever you want. Just be optimistic and keep your head up. Just like what you said to me, "Our life should be moving forward".....

Oh, and don`t forget to send my regards to your whole family, om, tante and sela for troubling them back in our trip in China last year!

Title : With my mom, sister and dad.
Thank you for photographing us together :)
Just kidding, okay?
One more time...,

 Here here ...

With the WHOLE Setiawan's family, Beijing, late dec 2015
(I am not exaggerating a.k.a "lebay" this time. Ok?)
Hope we could meet again soon. And at that time, I believe both of us would be a better version of ourselves. Since it is a new year and a new beginning again after all, let's keep spirit!!!!!

Sending you lots of love from Osaka, Japan.
*Jan 11, 2016.
Just as it's written in your phone's contact name : Maririn-chan 

*It is not that I don`t remember your birthday being in Jan 15, but I have to post it earlier than that, because this is my last day of winter holiday and starting tomorrow it'd be days of school and part time job after school till late of night. HOAAAHHHMMMMM. I rarely, rarely turning on my laptop as it's so lemot, so in case that I forgot to post it by that time.......
*oops. kidding. I won`t forget your birthday lah* ^^


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