Hi, pal, my number one best friend, EVER : LILIES YULIETA!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

Your birthday, 4 years ago
@My house
Look at our "innocent" look that we had at that time, LOL
Looking at this pic, I just realized how time flies so faaassst
That now I can't even go out without eyeliner LOL!


End of 2014,
@Your house, your mom's room
These were the newest set of photo we had together, when we both used eyeliner. :')
At that time, you suddenly wanted to buy a lot of make up stuffs, LOL
Tho now, you aren`t wearing even one, right?
**Actually, the main purpose of me, writing up this post was simply to say happy birthday to you. Because you know, it's been few birthdays passed since the last time we were able to celebrate it together the way we used to. And I guess this year, too, I won`t be there to celebrate your birthday with you. Why do you have to be so far-far awaaaaay~~~ :(( Anyway, I hope this little piece of writing could really help to brighten up your birthday! :)

**I`m surprised myself why in the process of writing this, it turned out to be longer than I expected, LOL. Even tho I know it's becoming toooooo loooooong and because unlike you, :(, I`m not so good at making your typical handmade gifts, and besides, this kind of thing is the only thing (I think) I`m good of, I would be more than happy if you take a little of your time to read it until finish. HIHI! :') (I know even without me asking, you would, tho :P)

As time passes and without us realizing it, it seems that we have been best friends for like 15 years! (or maybe more!), which is like more than half of our ages! WOW! Just how amazing is that?!

And I know that friendship isn`t really determined by how long we know each other, but you know, there's a saying that if a friendship lasts longer than 7 years, psychologists say it will last a lifetime! And as for us, it already passed that 7 years' limit since like, a looooong time ago and even though now we are going our separate ways, and can`t see each other as often as we want like in those good old days, our bonds are still firm and inseparable, right? We know we don`t have to talk every day just to maintain our friendship cause when we do talk, it's like, we can catch up a month's worth of stories in just like an hour phone call. :)
This is us :)
There's also a quote, "True friendship isn`t about being inseparable, it's being separated and nothing changes." And looking back at our friendship, all that we have been through, I agree with that quote wholeheartedly! So I really believe that our friendship will last forever. :)

My memories growing up together with you starting back in our elementary school days, when I think we have known each other since the second grade (if I`m not mistaken), but we just barely knew each other back then and weren't even close until about we were on the fourth grade... And I already forgot completely, how or the reason why or what made us could get along together back then. All I remember was, we would constantly spending time together, and I would play to your house, almost every weekend. At that time your house was still at the apartment, right? And back then, apartment was still considered a lux and I always said how convenient it was to be able to live in a apartment, cause like, you have everything there! There was a convenience store below, a swimming pool, and for a fourth/fifth grader me at that time, it seemed cool to rode an elevator to a high-level at a house where we could saw the scenery below from up, up above.

HI! :)
@Central Park, ???? year
But you kept saying that it was better to live in a house, not in an apartment, because you will have your own land, and of course the space is much, much bigger than an apartment! And how you can`t wait to move out from your apartment to your house which was still under renovation at that time. We would go to the swimming pool together, I would borrow your swimming clothes, and really had fun even it was just me playing with the water ("main air") LOL. I even remembered that time when I slipped by the water near the pool and hurted my foot :( We would play hide-and-seek together with your sister, sen2 too and I gradually became close with your family too, to the point I can proudly say that they are my second family! :) (Ah, how I miss those times, when our only worries in this world was probably homeworks and exams, and after that we could just play all day, without much responsibilites or having to worry about our future, or what we could have become, yet.)

After that, it was time of our elementary school's graduation time, and we had to choose which junior high school to go next. At that time, I also had another close friend, and with her influence, I finally chose different school than you because my consideration was also, most of our school's kids went to that school, because it was not far from where our elementary school was located. But, fate seemed to be keeping us together, because at that time, even tho I already finished the entrance test of that school, with my grandma's intrusiveness and her connection with our school's headmaster, without even consulting to me, she changed my school's destination just because that school's reputation was kinda bad and our school's reputation was better and was more famous (well, more expensive as well -_-). Anyway, at that time I didn`t mind either way, since I was still a kid who obeyed their elders (LOL), and practically, our school was becoming so much closer from my house, and there was you in that school. :) I didn`t regret it, tho. (it seems that I had to say thanks to my sometimes-annoying-and-meddlesome grandma, LOL, sorry oma :p)

Pop up quiz  1 : Do you remember where and what were we doing there?
(I do! :P)
So, it is now coming to our junior high school's time!!! And in our 3-years time in junior high school, we never be in the same class, at all. And we had different gangs of friends as well! But we still be able to be close with each other as you or your sister would invite me to come to your house after school, or at those times when I feel bored at my house, I would come to your house to play over! (even sometimes me bringing along my squad of bros and sis! LOL). Yes, at that time, as you wished, finally you had moved from the apartment to a house again! I remembered it cleary the times when your mom picked you up from school and waiting at the parking lot, and I would follow you naturally into the car as if I was her children, too! And after that, your mom would do some grocery shopping or dropped by at a restaurant to eat, or going to the department store, etc, and it's becoming so natural fro me to came along, too!

With mommyyyyy, my second mom! :)
Sorry, no u in this pic.
It`s ur fault for abandoning us. LOL! (kidd)
Mario - Mbak  - Putri - Mari - Mommy
@ McCafe Gading 
You know, at that times of days, I loved spending time with you the most! I appreciated the small things that we do, like when we played trump cards together to the point we didn`t keep track of time, or playing around with your neighbors, or even eating "nasi goreng tek-tek" from "abang-abang penjual keliling" at night time, (eating it while it was warm and with lots of crispy crackers/krupuk was literally the best!) it was sooooo goooooood as I didn`t have that kind of privilege in my house! (How incovenient of my residence, why y u have to forbid those "abang-abang" to come inside? :(, I hate it since I have to walked pretty far outside of my residence to the closest convenience store or "warung penjual tek-tek sejenis". Plus, in my residence, people are more cold towards each other, to the point of all the times I lived here, I rarely see people my age playing around together outside, so I barely know my neighbors, only my maids who know the gossips around from other maids.) Thankfully, our house is super close to each other, only 10-minutes drive away! YEAYY! (when it was traffic jam, it could be as depressing as 30 minutes, tho -_-)

Ah, at around the first/second year of our junior high school, (I forgot), the 3 of us, (me, you, and your sister),  started to enroll in a small english course near your house! I still remembered the name of that english course, until now, LOL. Your dad bought you two bicycles, red for you and blue for your sister, when you or or your sister would take me up along, too in turn! (bonceng). I know I`m heavy, so thanks for always willing to "boncengin" me! LOL! And after finishing that english course, we would sometimes stop by at the "tenda" to grab some food before finally going back again to your house and waiting for "bang jujun" to pick me up! (still remember him? :p) 

First photo sticker together!
Lies - Sen2 - Mari
@Amazon Mall Artha Gading LOL

Mari - Put - Lies
Purikura Edition

Cause we just loved taking photo stickers so much
Well, photos in general actually :P
With T4M (eka-mari-lies-fevi)
*since elementary school ^^
That time, we used to take a bath together a lot, (LOL). I remember the times when the supply of water at your house was kinda low, and we had to minimalize the water usage as much as possible. And one day, because we just loved being random, you suddenly suggested a competition where the one who could properly take a bath by using only three scoop ("gayung") of water from those big blue bucket in your bathroom win, LOL! Of course, the result was super clear from the start, you cheat~!!!

After taking a bath, we would eat dinner together at your house. Your mom would sometimes cook something if she was in the mood or most often, she would buy just the side dishes, and then we ate it together with the freshly-cooked white rice. :) And at the time when there weren`t any food at your house, and you didn`t now what should we eat this time, and asked me, "what should we eat?" you knew what's the most probable answer that would coming up of my mouth, right? Yeah, it's that delicious INDOMIE, especially indomie kuah in soto flavour. LOL! It's that simple to make me happy, LOL!

Pop up quiz  2 : Do you remember where and what were we doing there?
(I do! :P)
I guess at that time, Indomie was my number 1 favorite food, if being asked by anyone, probably until now (?) I dunno, HAHAHA!. Because you remembered right, at that time, the strict but super multi-talented mbak yati setted up a rule that me and also my bros and sis were only allowed to eat that DELISH INDOMIE once a week, precisely every saturday, to the point we called saturday = Indomie day. LOL! (I guess at that time no one ever complaint much, it's one proof that we were really a good kid, right? LOL). Yeah mbak, I already knew the fact that indomie isn`t good for your health, and I guess we should be thankful enough that you already allowed us to eat that heavenly food even it's only once in a week, but me, of all people, couldn`t really resist that temptation and couldn`t hardly wait for every saturday to come........

So....... I want to make a confession now. That's the sole reason why I went to your house, it's none other than to be able to eat Indomie freely, LOLLLLL! (ketauan deh). HAHAHA!!!!!

My second family :)
And the peak and the most unforgettable moments of all our junior high school's memories was around the third year, nearing our graduation time!!! Do you know which moment? LOL. November - probably around march/ april is the rainy season In Indonesia. And as you and all Jakarta's citizens know, when you have too much rain pouring every day, with that time's irrigation system, it would force the river to hold those surplus amount of water, until the river couldn`t hold it anymore, and as the result, it`s no wonder that those water would be spilling over, literally filling up the streets of Jakarta, even until human's waist! (Not all part of Jakarta, but no exaggerating here, it did happen, ok!) It happens every year that it become so natural and usual for us, tho, LOL! Especially around february, when the rain level is at the highest, usually around the time after the celebration of Chinese New Year, Jakarta would be flooding for few days!!! (But, no worry folks! After Indonesia's new president and Jakarta's new governor's effort to do continuous improvement to prevent the flooding around these few years, I think it's getting better year after year, to the point that it wasn`t flooding anymore at some part of Jakarta, thankfully :))

After cutting our hair short  
At our favorite mall ever, MKG LOL!
Merry christmas 2013 from us and Line friends haha
So, at that time. I remembered it clearly, at that day, despite the heavy rain which was falling tremendously from the night until morning, when it was supposed to be holiday for the other students, and those kind of weather would be perfect to wake up late and to be rolling inside your blanket all day,  just because such a dilligent students we were, (LOL), still decided to go to school to received supplementary classes which was mandatory for the third-years' students. Not too long after, the school ordered us to directly go home, because it was said that "Kelapa Gading" (the name of area where I live, located in north Jakarta), was starting to flood and at that time, instead of waiting for my driver to pick me up, I went with your mom who's already arrived at the school, and thinking maybe I could wait at your house. 

But,,,, turned out that the water level was already pretty high, that your car starting to kind of broking down, And it happened while we were near the gas station not too far from my house! So we waited for my driver to pick up us, (using a pick-up car!), and we were going to my house instead, LOL!!!!! After that, you and your mom spent like, around 3 days and 2 nights in my house! LOL!!! Nothing much to do, and we couldn`t go anywhere, naturally, and what made it worse, was no electricity, and all thanks of that flood!!!! It was soooo hot and sultry all day, even at night!!! And I think I couldn`t sleep properly at night, because there were so many mosquitos plus those sounds of frogs were really disturbing!!!! UGH!!!! (If only the electricty had been working on, I wouldn`t have mind being trapped inside the house if it's only for few days, tho. :(

Unfortunately, no pics from that "banjir" time at all, HAHAHA
Now I`m missing my comfy room and my lovely Doraemons,
So I guess I'd put this pic instead.
(ga nyambung, LOL)
But, thanks to your presence, we could get over those boring times together, right? LOL! Like, when the 3 of us, me, you and my brother, Maxwell, had nothing else to do but to spend the day on the pick up truck while looking at the dirty water below us, and seeing people, traveling by raft around the water, while playing trump cards, or telling funny stories and joking around. And when the night comes, we bring our plate and eating there while looking at the night sky together. And when it was finally time to sleep, as we couldn`t sleep inside the room coz it was freaking hot, we slept together outside, held matresses at the living room, and accompanied by a small light from the candle, my dad would create some funny jokes and we were laughing together until we became sleepy and could finally be able to slept! If we think about it now, it was a funny yet "incredible" experience, right? LOL!!

The most funniest of it all was, around the the day 3, when the water level was not as high but still pretty high for a car, or a human to be able to pass through, your relative come to pick you and your mom up along the way from "Sunter", (also the name of area in north Jakarta), using a raft!!!! LOLLL!!! I mean, we saw many rafts around, but I never imagined, that you, would be traveling using that raft, too. And there you go, going back to your way home, up that raft. LOL!!!!! I laughed so hard that day.

Once upon a time, when "my hair" was at my longest (LOL)
Where do I put that Doraemon pajamas now?!
Despite our happy memories and funny times we spent together along these years, it's no wonder that there were also times when we were fighting, too! Well, they said, fight is essential and unavoidable among every relationship, including friendship. Cause if you never have a fight with someone, means you only see the good part of that person all along, right? Whereas, as an imperfect human as we are, it's only natural for us to have many flaws that we won`t show to other people, no matter what, right? So it can be said that if you never have a fight/ some kind of trouble with your friends, chances are that you haven`t really known him/her yet.

As for such a "super jaim" (take good care of her image in front of public) person like me, if I have let my bad or my weakness slipped away so casually in front of you, meaning, I have been so comfortable with you, that I have no worries that you would come to hate me, even after seeing all those ugly part of me! And I guess one of those "lucky?" people is you. LOL! Should you be grateful or not? I dunno. HAHAHA! Even though I`m like this, thanks for still willing to sticking up with me until now. :'))))  LOL!!!!

Cause bothering you is my newfound hobby, LOL
So, during around our junior high school's until high school times, we often fought with each other among even some unimportant, trivial matters! As expected from "ababil" (teenager in their rebellious age). LOL!! I think some similar points that we have is, when we have trouble, we tend not to confront the problem directly, but avoid it if we can. When we fought, we usually didn`t want to talk and see each others for hours, or for days, (depends) and avoiding each other until both of us felt like calming down already. LOL! We took our time to reflect, and until we couldn`t stand the heavy atmospehere between us anymore, we finally approached each other and come to apologize ourselves! There you go! LOL! 

Well, despite of all that, the biggest fight I could ever think of is when we were in a design graphic class in junior high school, when your class and my class was combined, we were told to make a group of 2 to make some kind of task. And I think it was on me, neglecting my duty too much, so it was mainly you who contributed to the task. And, I don`t remember the details clearly, but we fought, and even though deep down I already knew I'm at the wrong there, human nature always makes people don`t want to be blamed when being confronted. (Soooo sorrrrryyyyy :( So at first, I defended myself, we cried, we fought for days (I forgot). And I don`t know why you could still forgive me despite of that. :')))))) LOL!

So sorrrrrrrrryyyy :((((
Don`t ignore me puhleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
So, to make long stories short, (skip, skip, skip), in the end, we also entered the same high school and the same university and major, LOL! 

In high school, we were in the same class on our first and second grade, so were kinda having the same circles and friends!!! I missed that time when we were going for together to Puncak, together with Desy, my bros and sis, too in our school holiday!!! It was soooooooooooooo fun! We went to the Cibodas water fall and Taman Bunga and took a lot of pictures there. And at some days when we feel like not going anywhere, we would stay at the villa and play "happy song". (still remembered what kind of game was that? LOL). I remembered I invented that game because at that time, I loved Choky Sitohang so much HAHAHA! (Btw I think that was the only time I really followed and listened to Indonesian songs' trends, LOL!!!!!). And then, at our last night, we had a BBQ and played trump cards together until morning came again, accompanied by Puncak's fresh air.  :)

High Schoolers us :)
@ Cibodas waterfall
Lies - Mari - Mario - Max - Putri - Desy
@Taman Bunga Nusantara
Fast forward few years, and that kid on yellow cloth's height would soon be passing us 3 in an instant :( 
If I think about it now, I really, really, really missed that moments where the newest social media ever invented was as far as Facebook and technology haven`t took control of our life so everyone could really indulged in conversation and were not so busy with their own life, (smartphones) like these days, sadly :((( And we all were still innocent back there, we had no idea, yet of the harsh reality awaiting us ahead..... (LOL).

Our carefree, happy-go-lucky face back then 
I really wished I could turned back to that time :)
Ah, there was also one unforgettable incident that happened during high school time. You know how my dad is, right? He's so kind and caring to his children, and almost couldn`t turn down whatever I want if he could, LOL, but he could be rather strict sometimes, especially to his daughters. So, until high school time, even tho my family already knows about you and your family since elementary school, and even tho I`ve already spent a lot of time going on and in your house, my dad had never even once gave me permission to come home late or stayed at your home.

At that time, it was around christmas / new year holiday when we were on the second / third grade of highschool, (if I`m not mistaken). We spent time together, there were your sister, your mom and few of your neighbors, too. We went to the mall to grab some food, and did some shopping. After that, we played at your house until losing track of time that none of us realized it was already past midnight, (I kinda forgot what time it was) but what I knew was, when I looked at my cellphone, my dad has been calling me several times. I became panicked, so your neighbors, Brandon and Erick suggested to took me home... When I arrived, it was a complete darkness, as if no sign of people alive. I sighed a little, thought maybe everyone and my dad already gone to the dream world~

But, turned out I was wrong. So, the boys wanted to grab some water first before going back home, so as I entered my house along with them, entering the living room, suddenly a familiar voice from I didn`t know where appeared, "Do you know what time is this?". ("Kamu pikir sekarang jam berapa?") And it became a moment of silence.... "The next time you do this again, don`t ever bother to come back home! Just stay there and be their family instead!" ("kalo lain kali begini lagi, sekalian aja gak usah pulang. Jadi anaknya aja sana!").

...... errrr....
Seems like we're too close that my dad's probably jealous of our relationship (?) NO. LOL!

We're such a good kids, right?
Like, why wouldn`t you trusted us, dad? We are good girls and we won`t do anything bad..., right, Lies? LOL!!! Thankfully, there was all in the past and now is different story, tho. I guess he already admitted me as an adult, (yeayyy.) LOL. Maybe now I could stay at your house if I want, but not that often, tho. Or my dad would be sulking and asked if I would like to move to your house and be your family instead, LOL. If I think about it now, it's kinda funny, tho. Sorry dadd :((

And so, even after entering university life, we were still together and we also joined the same organization called BEM FE together. Being a college student who still had to study (well, of course, LOL) and also a member of one of the big organization in our campus was super tiring but fun! Naturally, we transformed from your typical kupu-kupu student, (kuliah-pulang, kuliah-pulang) into kura-kura (kuliah-rapat, kuliah rapat), LOL! Our duty was not limited as attending the lectures well, completing tasks or getting good scores in exams but we also had additional responsibilities because we had committed to joined the organization in the first place in order to succeed various events we all had planned together. Those days, it can almost be said that, "There's no day without meeting." (Tiada hari tanpa rapat). A bit lebay, tho. (LOL). Well, it was tough but we could learnt and experienced many new things and be able to met many new friends not only from our major from there. :)

2011's pic
At BEM FE's birthday party at our lovely campus LOL
From that organization, we befriended Angel and Sophie, whose house was also in North Jakarta, not too far from where our house is located so we frequently spent time with them. After the meeting was finished, the 4 of us would grab some food first or directly go back home together from our felt-so-far-far-away campus in west Jakarta (thanks as always, Jakarta's traffic jam! :)) using our lovely "prince in white horse" (as Angel said, LOL!!!), who would so often making us wait for a long time before he FINALLY came to took us home. Yeah, he was very slow but safe (?) and sure. (you know what I mean, right? LOL!)

Some night, year ????
After campusing
@in front of rumah hantu La PIazza Kelapa gading :00
Mari - Lies - Ngelay - Sopialay

11/02/2012 (LOL)
Do Fun :)
4 self-proclaimed Gading Girlzzz
Tho 2 of us are not literally living in Gading from the start anyway (LOL)
*Forgive my alayneszzzz please :(
Anyways, things went fine like usual, until finally, I remembered it was during our third semester to fourth semester holiday, around new year 2012, to be exact. I was in Puncak, staying at Rea's villa together with Venny to celebrate christmas and new year holiday when you suddenly called me, bringing that sudden, really unexpected and shocking news with rather calm voice.

"Mar, I`d be moving out to Aussie soon. And starting next semester, I`d be dropping out from university, and after that, I`d continue my study there by transferring my credits...................."

I know that you had been wanting to go there all this time. How that you actually wanted to continue your education there after finishing high school, by your biggest sister's influence, ci Patric who was at that time already been there first and already had permanent residence and her own family there. I knew you loved and admired her, and besides you haven`t seen her in a long time, too. But you were always worried that your dad wouldn't allow you to go there because it sure wouldn`t be easy and it sure would cost much.

Gading Girlzzz reborn
Minus Sopialay :(
(It's ur fault sop, for betraying us and moving away to south jakarta!!)
Long live, NORTH~~
We're also mami's daughters :)
After you finally didn`t give a thought about going to Aussie anymore, and already decided to enrol at a local university, at that time, suddenly your sister kinda consulted to your father again about your education and it turned out that your father finally allowed you to go there! And it was kinda sudden but it was really happening.

As your best friend, I was really really sad and rather shocked the moment I heard that news. If I could, if I was the one who decide things, I`d rather you didn`t go and just stayed and continued your study at least until our graduation time. But what could I say?  I will be lonely, that was for sure. But at that time, I couldn`t really say anything else except supporting whatever your decision was as long it was good for you and praying for your success there. :)

Well, life must goes on, right? Although something changed for sure, because I can no longer see you as much as I want like before, but hey, ever since you were gone, I still played to your house to visited mommy and also played with sen2 as if with or without you here, nothing has changed, they are still like my own family too. :) And besides, as mentioned in a quote I put above, "True friendship isn`t about being inseparable, it's being separated and nothing changes." Right? :)

First homecoming in 2013
Looked so happy to finally come back (?) LOL.
Pop up quiz  3 : Do you remember where this photo was taken?
(I do! :P)
Clue : This was the first selfie we had together after you left Indonesia for good in September 2012 and coming back to Jakarta again for holiday in 2013!
And from airport, we chose to stop by and eat something first before going back home. 
Where wast it? :P
Because as you grow old, you'll finally realize who is gonna be your real best friend, who will always gonna be there when you need them. As there's also a quote below :

In these years I`ve lived, I`ve had encountered a hella lot of people, and had many many friends, including once I`ve also called best friends. But turned out that friendship, too, need to be "maintained" if you want it to last longer. From elementary school till campus life, I always "had" best friends during each phase. The people who I felt comfortable with and still not bored even if I had to met them every day. The people with the same hobbies or interest or way of thinking or sometimes no reason at all but I felt connected with them, not only just mere hang out friends, but we also shared stories, helped out each other, etc. I felt there was strong bonds between us already until well, time came to separated us.

It always happens like this pattern that now I become used to it. :) After I graduated from elementary school, and chose different junior high than those friend, or after I graduated from junior high and chose different high school, and so on, I always lost those best friends connection, because it would felt like we couldn`t turned back the way we used to. Like, when we were still on the same school, we could met each other almost every day and talked every day and it was so normal that we could hang out together too on every weekends, talking about everything that's been happening in our life. But when you both finally entering different schools or entering different phase of life, of course, you would be busy with new things, new life, and also you would be meeting new people all along in those path. At first, we would still keep contact with each other, asking how was life and probably still could meet with each other once in a week, or maybe once in a month. But as time passes, it's become so natural that we gradually become lost contacts with each other, because we're busy with our new life and new friends. :') Sad as it was, but reality hurts.

And it`s not like I wanted to, but it somehow felt awkward to keep contacting them, mainly because I don`t know what to talk to them anymore. When I had problems or something new coming up that I wanted them to know immediately, like we used to, I resisted because I thought they'd be busy right now and I thought that I`d just be disturbing them. Like, we both already had a new life and I thought that it would probably not interest them anyway, and so, those best friends connection, lost just like that because it`s becoming so awkward for both of us to still keep contacting each other.

Don`t misunderstand me. We're still friends, up until now, too, it was just, I knew that there was something different cause we couldn`t talk with those same feelings and vibe anymore like in the past. And I bet, it's not just me who think this way 'cause most probably, the other side must be thinking some line in that way, too! :)
Coz it always happens like this....... :)
Well, it can`t be helped, tho.
So, I felt really lucky that I still have you, and a few other friends in my life, the people who, I believe even though time and place may separate us, our bonds will stay the same. (I hope) :) Cause in these times of days, it`s very rare and hard to maintain this kind of friendship. And after all the things that we have been through together until this day. I still don`t know why you are not bored with always being friends with a person like me together untill all this time. Cause it always feel like you help me more than I help you. :')))

I know I`m weird and could be super annoying sometimes
But despite of that, thanks for still sticking up for me!
For now, skip skip skip,......

So, finally the day has come when you had to go Melbourne, Australia in September 2012, to continue your study there. :) We came to the airport to saw you off. We couldn`t held back our tears. .... Well, as they said, for every encounter, there is every parting awaits.........

You're still keeping this until now, right?
Don`t say you`ve thrown it away! LOL
After your departure that day until now, I think we were only be able to met each other twice, at 2013 and at 2014, when you came back to Indonesia for holiday. Although it was just for a short time, but we were having a lot of good times, unforgettable moments together!

On your first homecoming at december 2013, we went to Puncak again to celebrate new year 2014 together with my bros and sis, and this time, your mom came along too!

Cimory Puncak, still in christmas-new year 2014 vibe
Look at that kid on the right!
Can`t you believe he's the same kid as that short kid in yellow cloth from pics before? LOL
It`s a proof how time flies so fast,that it's scary (
We played trump card, "capsa" especially (it's a must, LOL), and turned out mommy was very good at those, too! As expected from our mommmyyyy, LOL. We also visited many places, including Taman Bunga Nusantara again, HAHAHA. And at 12/31/2013, precisely at 11:59, we waited for new year 2014 together at the rooftop and we played fireworks!! It waasssssss so fuuunnnn~! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!

Cheers from us, for a better years ahead of us :)

Ah, even though there was mami there, and also our favorite mbak, mbak Yati whose cooking skill was undoubtably good, who also came along with us, so we didn`t have to worry about what to eat anymore (?), LOL, but I forgot who started this idea, but we with our "sok ide", we, the girls (me, you and Putri) wanted to make some foods by ourselves too. And here was the result, HAHAHA.

Name : "A lil burnt" Hamburger
Taste : Max said that it was...kinda... awful (?), -__- LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey, weren`t you being mean there?
At least we've tried our best :')
And hey, it was still edible!
Picking out those flowers casually from we-don`t-know-whose-garden-it-was 
And after that, the moment we met again was one year after, when you came back home again on 2014, as well as to celebrated your brother's Ko david and Ci Lian's wedding at Bali!!! Sorry for not coming to the wedding even though your brother already invited me and really wanted me to come along too. :( I remembered that time, let alone having free time to go to Bali, we only even met for just a few times, because at that time I`ve already working, and it was the kind of job which was hard to take even a day off, because your boss will keep reminding you of sales target, sales target every day until you`re sick of it, LOL. (Oh, and besides, I just took my leave not too long ago, anyway HAHA). It was hard when you were already working and didn`t have as much free time as a student or a college student. :(

And after the last time we met on 2014, I just realized just now that even after I moved to Japan to study here on july last year (2015), it's been 2 years we haven`t seen each other and now as I am writing this, as I browsed through old photos and recalled our past, our moments together, I realize how much I truly miss youuuuuu! If only Doraemon was here, I would ask him to took out "pintu kemana saja" immediately so I could be with you now~!! HUHU!!!! I really want to go to Australia, tooo~~~!! Maybe next year, if there is a chance or someday, really! When that time comes, be my tour guide, ok? ^^

Ah, and you don`t forget about our dream to travel together, do you? You said that someday, when we already have a lot of money and savings we will surely go travel abroad together. I said that I really want to go to Europe, especially France but then you said if it was as far as France, it could wait until we both are already getting married and go with our own husband. (?) LOL! So, finally we decided to go to Thailand first because we`ve never been there and it`s not too far from Indonesia. LOL, someday, someday~~
Dunno what caption to write here
So, through this writing, at this moment, I want to say thank you for being my best friend through out these years. :) As I look back on all what`s happened in our life, all that fragments of memories, growing up together with many happy, unforgettable memories with you, the times when we shared our troubles and problems together, solved it and encouraged each other, be it family problems (Guess our family's problems turned out to be very complex, doesn`t it?), work/school problems, friends problems until love problems, even after we're being separated that you are in Australia, and me, in Japan, we never forget to keep each other's updated, LOL! (I knew almost all (?) of your secrets, and vice versa!). Tho there were also times when we fought and cried a lot to the point we didn`t want to talk to each other for hours or days (HAHA, that "ababil" times), but still decided to be friend until now until we gradually changed into a more mature, and better us now until we are having our separate ways. (We are so much better at controlling our emotion now. As a proof, we have less fighting and argument now, haven`t we?) :)

I can say that you are probably the most patient and kind-hearted people that I`ve ever met, ever! One of the traits that I really adore from you is, such a peace-lover you are! That even if some people are being mean to you, you can still be calm and not countered it with anger or any dislike feelings on your face at all, but you could still offered them your kind and sincere, sweet smile. As far as I know you, you rarely get mad or shouting at people, and always try to be friendly, helpful and always smile to everyone. You are also the type of people who are very considerate, even sometimes you neglect your own`s will in order to satisfy others' first. (tho I could say this could be your drawback sometimes, you gotta think of yourself more, ok!). So maybe that`s why many people are attracted and drawn to you and they are comfortable being with you, like me, because they can sense kind, "harmless" (who won`t do bad things or take advantage of others) aura from you.

Even tho I`m covered with all of these creams, you'd still love me, right? LOL
Compared with you, I`m very emotional, and could easily get carried away under emotion if someone/something really gets on my nerve, (like ughhh why did you have to do that to me? What's my fault?) but thanks to your presence and advice, I could gradually control my emotion better (I think, LOL.) And I learnt that sometimes to give in ("mengalah") in an argument doesn`t mean that we are losing, that's just a better way to avoid some bigger problems that could happen if we continued to argue with the type of people who don`t want to lose, right?

You sincere love and care for your family is real, especially towards your mom to the point I could really moved by your care to her sometimes. (really!). I`m certain that you'd be a good wife and mother!! And I guess that man'd be very lucky! This is one thing for sure. :) If I were a boy, I would certainly fall in love with you!* (*#nolesbi, okay? Since I`m a girl, I really don`t have that kinda feeling towards you, so don`t worry, HAHAHA). How I really wished I could do the same like you, but until now I don`t feel like I have those "heart" to do it yet. You know, right? :((

Ah, and one more thing that I really adore from you is, you are also the kind of people who just want to be heard, but you also want to hear other's problems and NEVER ONCE I FEEL JUDGED or feel blamed at all even after you hear things that I`ve done wrong, my problems or even some "weird" stories (LOL, you know what I mean, right?), when other people could really gave me "WHAAAAT?" or "I can`t believe you, of all people did that" expression and as I`ve already expected, giving blaming or rather, judging comments, which is super natural I think (LOL). Instead, you try to understand the problems from my point of view first, what could be the reason for me doing something like that, not hastily jumped into conclusion, and calmly encouraging me, giving me a proper, positive advice on what should I do, without making me feeling bad or feeling like I`m a failure at all. You don`t know how many times I`ve saved by your positivity. Really! I don`t know how you did that to the point, I think only you who can do that in this whole world, LOL.

Every time I see this quote, I remember you :)
Sorry for the long post, lolll. You're probably already bored for having to read this until far, but don`t worry, we`ll be finishin' super soon. LOL.

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY once again, my mate, LILIES YULIETA! May you are always blessed by God wherever you are, with good health and long life.  May you could pass your next IELTS test, and immediately get your Permanent Residence in Australia without any difficulty! May success always be upon you in whatever you do. I pray that your days ahead, your journey, your future, be it in work, or anything that you choose to do always be smooth without hindrance and even if there are problems thay may appear, hope that you have the power to overcome it all. :) Hope this year you also find a better man than your ex, who is your real prince who could swept up your feet soon!

It's unfortunate that this year, too we won`t be able to meet cause I will go back home to Indonesia for holiday per next month, and you, this december, right? Guess our times don`t pass too, this time. Either way, can`t wait to hear any good news from you!!! Don`t forget to keep me updated if anything happens, and I will too! (Don`t be bored in hearing my random stories, yeah? LOL.) Keep believing in yourself, be optimistic that you can be and do whatever you want! Stay religious and keep being a blessing to other people! Really looking forward to the time that we'll finally be able to meet each other again, and I believe at that time both of us will be a better version of ourselves!!! And last but not least, I hope that you could enjoy your birthday and passing every day to the fullest and may your days could always be filled with smile and laughter!

*remember that nickname? WKWK!
This was you were 18, so that means this pic's age is already 6 years! WOW!
With T4M (The Four Muskeeteers) - Named by : the one and only boss *Fevia LOL
*the only one not wearing the same shirts' color, as she was the boss anw, so she didn`t want to be deem the same as commoners like us :( LOL!

More birthday's photos :)
Mari - Lies - Sopi - Fevi - Angel(ia) ^^
*Angelia, who came far far away from Tangerang to North Jakarta and had to deal with traffic jam :(
Fiuuh, I guess I should end it here because I don`t know when will I finish writing if I were to write all my memories about you. And I never intended to write until this long in the first place but I dunno why I just could casually type anything that comes into my mind about our stories together, HAHA. There's still much, much, more that it`s uncountable I guess it will be endless, LOL!

As a closing,....
Lilies : "Wait, that`s more? I thought that was already the end."
Mari : :((

Please, look here.... :( Don`t ignore me! :(
Here's a song from my number one favorite Japanese singer now, Nishino Kana, titled "best friend". For me, this song's lyric really describes our friendship from the past until now. I know you probably don`t understand japanese, so here I am trying to translate it myself into english, LOL. (sorry if there are any mistakes). Anyway, this song is really good, so if you have time, please listen to it! :)

Here's the link to the song, you can download it here


ありがとう 君がいてくれて 本当よかったよ どんな時だっていつも 笑っていられる 例えば、離れていても 何年経っても ずっと変わらないでしょ 私たちBest Friend 好きだよ、大好きだよ Arigatou Kimi ga ite kurete Hontou yokatta yo Donna toki datte itsumo Waratte irareru Tatoeba, hanareteite mo Nannen tatte mo Zutto kawaranai deshou Watashitachi Best Friend Suki dayo, daisuki da yo Thankyou, I am really grateful, that you are always by my side. So in every situation, we are always able to laugh together. Even if we are going our separate ways, No matter how many years have passed, Nothing will have changed, right? We are still best friend. I love you, I really love you. こんな遅い時間にゴメンね 一人じゃせっぱつまってきたの 君の声少し聞けたら がんばれる Konna osoi jikan ni gomen ne Hitori ja seppatsumatte kita no Kimi no koe sukoshi kiketara Ganbareru Sorry for calling you up at this late hour, Because when I`m alone by myself, I can`t do anything. But, if I could hear your voice, even just for a bit, I feel like I could keep fighting. 何でも打ち明けられる ママにも言えないことも全部 誰よりも分かってくれる Nande mo uchi akerareru MAMA ni mo ienai koto mo zenbu Dare yori mo wakatte kureru I can tell you everything, Even things I couldn`t say to my mom, Cause you understand me better than anyone else. 嬉しい時は 自分の事みたいに喜んでくれて ダメな時は ちゃんと叱ってくれる存在 Ureshii toki wa Jibun no koto mitai ni yorokonde kurete Dame na toki wa chanto shikatte kureru sonzai When I`m happy, You would be as happy as me But when I do something wrong You wouldn`t hesitate to scold me ありがとう 君がいてくれて 本当よかったよ どんな時だっていつも 笑っていられる 例えば、離れていても 何年経っても ずっと変わらないでしょ 私たちBest Friend 好きだよ、大好きだよ Arigatou Kimi ga ite kurete Hontou yokatta yo Donna toki datte itsumo Waratte irareru Tatoeba, hanareteite mo Nannen tatte mo Zutto kawaranai deshou Watashitachi Best Friend Suki dayo, daisuki da yo Thankyou, I am really grateful, that you are always by my side. So in every situation, we are always able to laugh together. Even if we are going our separate ways, No matter how many years have passed, Nothing will have changed, right? We are still best friend. I love you, I really love you. 強がってもすぐに バレてるへこんでる時は 真っ先にメールくれる優しさに もう何度も救われて Tsuyogatte mo sugu ni BAREteru hekonderu toki wa Massaki ni meru kureru yasashisa ni Mou nando mo sukuwarete Even at the moment I`m only pretending to be strong, When I`m sad, You are the first to realize and send me mails. I don`t know how many times I`ve saved by your kindness. 泣きたい時は おもいっきり泣けばいい 側にいるからって 誰よりも強い味方 Nakitai toki wa Omoikkiri nakeba ii Soba ni iru kara tte Dare yorimo tsuyoi mikata When I really want to cry. You would say, "Just cry, don`t worry, because I`ll still be by your side." More than anyone, you are my greatest ally. そんな君に私は 何かしてあげられてるかな? 何かあったらすぐに飛んでくから、 絶対 Sonna kimi ni watashi wa Nanika shite agerareteru kana? Nanika attara suguni tondeku kara, Zettai For someone as kind as you, I wonder what can I do as my form of gratitude to you, If you ever have trouble, I would come over to your side in an instant, I promise. どんな時も祈っているよ 世界で一番に 幸せになってほしい Donna toki mo inotteiru yo Sekai de ichiban ni Shiawase ni natte hoshii No matter when, I`ll always be praying for you. So that you will be, The happiest person in this world. ありがとう 君がいてくれて 本当よかったよ どんな時だっていつも 笑っていられる 例えば、離れていても 何年経っても ずっと変わらないでしょ 私たちBest Friend 好きだよ、大好きだよ Arigatou Kimi ga ite kurete Hontou yokatta yo Donna toki datte itsumo Waratte irareru Tatoeba, hanareteite mo Nannen tatte mo Zutto kawaranai deshou Watashitachi Best Friend Suki dayo, daisuki da yo Thankyou, I am really grateful, that you are always by my side. So in every situation, we are always able to laugh together. Even if we are going our separate ways, No matter how many years have passed, Nothing will have changed, right? We are still best friend. I love you, I really love you.
Yaaap! So now, I guess this is the real end. :)
Sending you lots of love from where I am now,
7/14/2016, Osaka, Japan.
Your annoying best friend,
Mari :)


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