Jan.24.2012 Happy Chinese New Year everyone :)

Two days ago, at the 23rd of february, the chinese people will celebrate the chinese new year day, and this new year is called "water dragon year" in chinese people's beliefs.

And of course, my family also celebrating it by having a dinner time together with my big family. And as usual, the dinner will be held in my grandma's house and many families will come too, and so do i. It`s also one way to have a quality time together with the others because we rarely have the right time to gathered together. We met with a lot of my cousins and talked plus played card together :) That night, me and my brother and sister will stayed up a night in my grandma's house.

After the dinner was over, and the guests already come home, at the midnight, at the turn of the day, we will pray to the God together and also burnt offerings to God to giving us health, happiness and also prosperity to our whole family in this new year.

And, what makes us so happy and always looking forward to this day are the red envelopes! ;p. Yeah, every chinese new year day, every childs got some red envelope which is called "angpao in chinese" from families and relatives which contain some money :p

And, wish this year will be a more better year and bring much happiness for all of us to who celebrate it or not..:)
And well, how`s your chinese new year day? Got a lot of red envelopes? ;p

Me with Mario, my first brother

Me with my sister, Putri

Me with Maxwell, my second brother

And well, enjoy your day because every day is blessings :)


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