Jan.16.2012 Random topic

hello all long time no see!~ hahaha
see you again in 2012!
yeah right long time no updating this blog, because : as usual, my laziness and my "moodiness" is calling on me hahahaha lol
For now, because i have not gotten any topic to write of in this blog yet, by this post, i just want to share the recent visitors in my blog ::: woohoooo *drooll
Here`s the pic (click the pic to enlarge it) :

*credit to Feedjit -see your visitors in RealTime-

And, as you can see, the visitors in my blog turns out not only from my country, *Indonesia* but also from many western countries like America, German, and others :D woohooo LOL
So, i can only hope that my english is good enough to read because i`m afraid there is still so many mistakes in my writing, (i`m still learning).. And i hope everyone who finds out and read my blog can understand what i write and hopefully, get some advantage from it

And just wanna share you that :-p
...see youuuuu

*sorry for my peculiarity, just got stressed out tonight! LOL


venny.budiono said...

marin ajarin donk biar bisa liat dr negara mana aja wkwkwk

Dorara said...

oi venn..sori br liat komenmu..
itu, di bagian kanan blogkku ada feedjit gt.
klik deh yg "get feedjit now"


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