OCt.14.2012 Back from the Grave..LOL

Hello world  ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿
Long time no write in this blog...
And dunno why but today i kind of feel like writing again on this blog..:)

And hey, looks my latest post was about the chinese new years which happened on last january and now it is already, like OC-TO-BER ..
Looks time really flies so fast ...whew.. \(´ー`)┌

Now, i`m in the middle of mid-term exams in my fifth semester in my university life.
Yeah, mid-term exams (¬,¬”), hopefully i can do well and pass through it with good grades..:)
Just a little bit more and i will graduate sooooonnnn  ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ

Yeah, and many things happened to me during the current times..:)
i will just write it down whatever crossed my mind now coz i just feel like it LOL..

*Love to watch master chef indonesia season 2 these days (っ˘з˘)っ

At first, i tell ya. I'm not really a fans of cooking LOL.
I watched this reality show programs by accident. If i`m not mistaken, i`ve been watching it since about last  august. I`m still on my holiday's semester and that afternoon, i was just reading some comics in my living room when my maid come and turned on the TV. (my maid loves to watch afternoon TV to watch afternoon news or soap opera ala indonesian)
Not too long after, my maid fell asleep on the sofa and i catch a glimpse on what she watched. It`s a cooking program. And without realizing it, i was following it till the end of that episode.

Then, i just become interested in it so i never want to missed the next episodes on TV and also followed the previous episodes i`ve already missed from youtube. I like how the judges gives harsh comments to the participant's food, how all the foods' looks makes me hungry, how fashionable chef Marinka is, and also how cool chef juna is, LOL. It`s also nice to know about the competitors' further, their personality, their cooking style, etc.

It always makes me curious in who will be eliminated in next episodes, like what will happen and what the participants will cook about, and of course, who will be the winner of master chef indonesia itself. ヽ(*′ω`)ノ゙

By the time i write this, the competition already reached Top 3, leaves Desi, Opik and Ken. 2 of them will enter the grandfinal. And i will who is the winner by next week. Can`t wait. \(‾▿‾\)

fyi : i support Desi and Opik who makes it to the grandfinal (hopefully)

*Finally, get my nintendo wii ~(‾▿‾~)

After nintendo DS, i always want that console, because i think its gameplay is unique and interactive. Connected to the tv, with it sensor's bar, it can be played with wii motion remote. Nintendo's games always offering cute, unique gameplay, yeah different theme from playstation's games although their graphic is not so good compared to ps. For example, you can be a pro-cook (yeah, virtually), and play shooting games alive as if you are the character and shoot the enemies by yourself! It also can be used to exercise, disposing sweat, as a substitute for sports if you are lazy to do some sports and don`t have time to it. Why not exercise while having fun? LOL.
April 2011 last year, i have to choose either one of wii or ps3. But finally i choose to bought playstation 3 instead of nintendo wii because ps3 have many next-gen games with amazing graphics! It have many games i love! Such as : Atelier series, Ar tonelico 3 (RPG- gust series!), resident evil 5, tekken 6 etc~

btw, i just finished Atelier Totori!!  (^▽^) It has cute, nice, beautiful graphics and classic-style RPG battle system with alchemy as it's trademark for atelier series since playstation 2. and i loveeee STERKKK from this game! he's so tall and cooollll~

Atelier Totori
Yeah i`m a fans of games (but not a freak, hard-core gamers) I love games, especially japanese one, RPG (role playing game) with cute graphics and all, it makes me want to cosplaying all of it because all of the costumes is cuteeee~

I can`t wait for Resident evil 6 and Atelier Meruru for now ~(‘▽’~) (~’▽’)~

Atelier Meruru
And finally, last february, my dad brought like a catalogue book back home and we can choose each one thing we want to buy. Its like a point system from my dad's job as a yamaha motor dealers. You got points based on your performance (how many motors you can sold per month), gathered per year and once a year, you can exchange that points with things from that catalogue book.

i choose nintendo wii, my sist choose blackberry gemini, my bro choose netbook, and my dad choose blackberry dakota.. yipppiiewww thanks dad  ヽ(`∀´)ノ

....I got that nintendo wii the latest of all (-_-), even about two months after my dad got his dakota, and my bro and sis already enjoyed their new things since june.
...... Eventually, i have to buy it myself because the people from yamaha said for the wii he will just transferred the money to my dad. He said he got confused to buy it?? What a strange reason. Then why y u no telling me sooner? errrrr///
And finally i bought a second-hand wii machine which i search from the internet. I got one for only IDR Rp1.500.000,- and already got 2 original's wii remote.  (っ ̄³ ̄)っ (well whatever, finally i got it)
(fyi : 1 original wii remote cost 400.000-600.000 in market)

You can considered it still new, because the last owner said that he rarely playing it, so he want to sell it and use the money to donate it. (dunno if it's true or not)
Well, either way, i think he's not lying about the machine because my wii still work very well till the time i write this post. No single hang or error. (maybe coz i`m using external hardisk not DVD games.)

I`m lucky, or i think..:)

I used it to play games like "wii party", a fun games with many mini games, nice to play together, etc. And mostly, a game called "just dance", with its music, your task is just to copy the dancer's movement as been shown in the TV as similar as possible and you got points based on your performance. Well, it's the same as exercising. You drops a lot of sweat. Use it as sports, because i'm lazy to do any real sports :p

*'Been taking english courses
Yeah, i`ve been taking english courses in Wallstreet Institute on Central park since last august. Actually, at first, i`m kind of lazy to take any courses. But my dad forces me to do so because he said after i graduate from university, maybe i could continue my study abroad.. He even suggest me to go to U.S.A hahaaaa.. (-_-) 

Well yeah, started from fifth semester, i`m no longer a member of organization in my university. And i think it`s a real opportunity for me to enjoy my free time and relaxing more, which i couldn`t have much before, so i could go home already after the lesson finished and i could buy some time for me to enjoy times with friends and families more or to do other activities as my wish :P (YEAHHH)

And the conclusion is,i don`t want my spare time this time to be disturbed by courses or some other elses. LOL

hahahaa, i`m so lazy ..*sigh*

But if i think about it again, that thought came to me. Why not use my spare time to learn english? My dad already told me so and even though later turns out i`m not continuing my study abroad, learning english will still be useful as english is a very important language in my job and career in the future, whatever it is later.

And yeah, so here i am. ....taking courses in wallstreet as my rutinity, as a suggestion from my friend, Bos Rea, who's already taking course there before me. And not too long after, venny joined too. Fortunately, the distance is not so far away from my university.

So, after finished my study for the day, i have to go to wallstreet to take courses in multimedia class, and get many homeworks per unit after it. And after you completed 3 lessons per unit, you got to be tested by the natives first, and if you pass, you can continue to the next unit and so on~
Not everyday, of course, in two weeks, you have to come minimum 3 days to complete your lessons per unit. If you could come more than 3 days per weeks, it's better because there's also another activity such as, social club and complementary class which you should joined too to socialize with others by using english.

hmm well, studying in wallstreet increasing my grammar, vocabulary, listening of course (because you takes lessons in multimedia class, listening to some computer programs and do exercises) and also communicating skill, especially when the part you got tested by the natives, you don`t want to repeat it hahaha.

and well, if i really want to continue my study abroad, maybe i must think about it absolutely since now, about what major i want to take and about the destination. hmmm.. still guess what the futures brings me hahahahaa.
But, one year more, (hopefully), i will already graduate. :') how time flies so fast .....

*My scores has just dropped :'(

fortunately, it dropped just a litlle and doesn`t affect much. It`s because of these two lecturers in my previous semester (4th semester to be precise), for subjects : Knowledge of Capital Markets and Tax Practice! Grrrr (◣﹏◢)
They give scores badly to their students, making some students didn`t pass that subject and have to repeat it in the next semester.
Yeah maybe you can said i`m still the lucky one for be able to passing it although with not-so-good grades.  ƪ(‾.‾“)┐‎
But i`m still disappointed with the results, especially with this lecturer who give scores by looking into Stock market's prices!!??? (It`s hard to believe, really but it actually happened.)

*ehem* more details :
Okay, yeah maybe i didn`t do very well in that mid term exam so i deserve that 55 score in it. but I`M SURE i did very well in my final exam. And final exam is worth more than mid term exam. So, for this final exam, i learned (yeah). I filled the answer sheet fullllll~ till the last page of my answer sheet. And the questions on that was really like the same from the questions on the previous year. So i`m sure i can do my final exams perfectly.

So, look what i got as my final score. It`s C!! (2,46 a thin-C.) I don`t expect much like an A from this subject, for my mid term only got 55, but at least i want a B (3,00 is no prob it`s still B) coz i`m sure about all my answers on that final exam.

And, after all that.....i got C. It sucks .. \(◣_◢!)/%!$#!!@#

That also happened to my friend, who took this same subject and the very same class with me. We also learned together for the final exam and she also got C, even more sadly, a very-thin-C, 2,02 she barely passed. This subject is not mandatory and i regret taking it, i should have choosen another subject instead~

So, the rumours about this lecturer, about him giving scores randomly based on that stock's market prices was right all along. *sigh*
And what happens to that lecturer now? he just got promoted and become a dean of my faculty

if only i did more better~~~ if only i didn`t take that subject~~~
Yeah, i did disappointed. It would be a lie if i said i didn`t. Because it`s the first semester i`ve ever got C and i got 2 "C" immediately in this same semester.. *strike* (T_T)..
Yeah, maybe C's is unavoidable, you can`t make an A or B forever in your scores sheet with just "luck" i guess LOL.
(but please i don`t want to not pass any subject. it will makes my scores dropped very bad)

but well yeah, regret always comes out late~ there`s nothing to be worry about, my scores only drop a little and won`t affect much, really. I should be thankful still be able to passed the subjects instead :)
I really should do better in my next semester (^_^), *fight*!!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST ................. :D

*will go to JAPAAAAAAAAAAN realll soooonnnn~!! ♥(>̯┌┐<)•°

i`m really looking forward to this holiday, DECEMBER COME TO ME SOON~!
Because i will have a trip to Japaaan for 2 weeks!
Yepppp that Ja-paaaaaaaan ~(‘▽’~) (~’▽’)~ home of those animes, games and mangas, home of the Sakura flower, cultural-fashion style and like my dream country since i was a child!
i has already been admiring japan and finally i will get a chance to actually visit there :')

I will go there with Marsheilani, my elementary school's friend, and also visit her friend, who actually happened to be Desy's(my best friend) sister who`s been studying in japan since she graduated from high school. I will go there about 2 weeks between Dec 23- Jan 15 (just the plan, because at that time Desy's sister's been on holiday) and that means i could spent the smell of christmas and new year in JAPANESE's atmosphere in winter wooohoooo ( ˘ з˘ )♬♪

i`ve been planning to go to Tokyo (visit mount.fuji, go to disney land, visit akihabara, shibuya, harajuku, etc), Kyoto (looking at their cultural styles of Japan, many shrines, etc) and Osaka (visit universal studio japan, etc) and other places? yeyeyeyeyyyy (real excited) *orz
Actually, i want to visit more of Japan, but because lack of time and lack of money (because going to japan will be really expensive, for two weeks with no tour even more (T_T), at least i have to go to this 3 places when you first visit Japan (based on many guides book about japan that i read)

♪┏(・o・)┛♪┗ ( ・o・) ┓♪┏ (・o・) ┛♪┗ (・o・ ) ┓♪┏(・o・)┛♪

*definitely will go there again sometimes but around march or april when it's spring in japan so i can see the sakura blooms ヽ(´3`)ノ♪(*^ ・^)ノ⌒☆
(haha. already making a plan for many years ahead, even though even haven`t go there yet) LOL

it must have been a fun trip! i can`t wait~!! :)
thanks dad :p

.................................already excited

But.. you know what? By the time i write this post, i haven`t reserved airline tickets and applied visa yet.. whewww. (―˛―“). it`s because Marsheilani is still in Singapore right now (yeah she studied in Singapore) and she's in the middle of exams, same as me (˘̩̩̩.˘̩̩̩ƪ) --> hope it`s not too expensive hmmm

I will book the tickets about one week more after the exams so i can focus about this trip to japan. I will post about my whole trip to Japan completely later in this blog!!! yea!

i must go through this mid term exams first!!!!!!
fight me!!!! XDDD

well, and that`s all i wanna write today in this post// without me realizing it, i`ve already made this post so long-- (hope you won`t get bored reading it till this below)

and could you guess what's the difference between this post with my all previous posts??
in this post i dunno why i`d love to put many emoticons.. and it`s cute weehehehee

sorry for any grammatical errors of my bad english, i`m still learning though

Have a great dayyyy everybodeehhh~!! (◡‿◡✿)


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