Oct.31.2010 My love Story

Seems like i`m falling in love with someone *blush*
This feelings is so different from before and before i know it, i`m already falling in love with him
The first time i see him, i got attracted by his smile
And when i get to see him more often, i attracted with him more and more (for me, he is so mature but sometimes childish and his smile is so alluring)

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Oct.22.2010 Frente - Bizarre Love Triangle

This is a song about triangle love by Frente
Not that i liked triangle love, but i just like this song cause the singer`s voice is good and pure like a young girl

Here is the lyrics :

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Oct.13.2010 A prayer for God (my reflection)

God, i know i shouldn`t talk like this..
But i have many questions that stucked in my mind

I decided to wrote it here to improve my english and trying not to be lazy all day as well.

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OCt.10.2010 Happy Blogging today 10.10.10

Hello all ^^
It`s been a few months since the last time i updated this blog, yeaa
And i`m still so so sooo lazy to write it every time.. T^T
*guess LAZY is my very nature hahaha

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