Jan.25.2010 Inside the Take Me Out Studio

I wanna tell you my experience in the Take Me Out studio XD
It happened about six month ago. hahah.
And i just remembered to write in this blog about this ^^

I first interested in this Take Me Out program is because i watch the advertisement on tv that almost appear everyday on Indosiar at that time and i just curious what the program is.
And, the other reason i interested in it is because i saw Choky Sitohang, an actor who is popular at that time because of Happy Song Program that he brought. XD

I like Choky Sitohang by saw his performance as a presenter in Happy Song Program which my driver, my maids and my brothers and sister like to watch.

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Jan.24.2010 Easy way to blogwalking without shoutmix??

A few days ago, i wanna blogwalking using shoutmix as usual.

As for you who don`t know, blogwalking is one way to promote your blog to others by leaving comment in others chat box (like shoutmix) and also leave your own link, so that everybody could click that link and check up your blog.

But, i realized something strange.
I have left a comment in others shoutmix but my link isn`t there, only my comment appeared.
So, it`s no use.

I thought maybe because i'm not log in yet into my account.
So, i opened up my blogger account and log in.
Then, i tried to left a comment again, but still my link didn`t appear.

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Jan.13.2010 Traditional Houses

Here i will share about traditional houses in a few countries...

*Traditional Japanese Houses have one storey and are made of wood. There are movable paper walls between the rooms and there are no chairs or beds. There are cushions or straw mats called tatami around low tables. At night, these rooms become bedrooms. Most Japanese people now live in concrete blocks of flats and modern brick houses. But in Japanese homes, there`s still one room for traditional tatami rooms.

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Jan.12.2010 Traditional Costumes

Nowadays, you can see people with suits and ties or jeans an
d T-shirt from Los Angeles to Lagos and from Shanghai to Sao Paulo. In most countries, people only dress up in traditional clothes at weddings, festivals, or other special occasions.

---From left to right---

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Jan.09.2010 T.A.T.U Gomenasai

Wanna say sorry to someone in Japanese?
Sing this song. This song is slow and can soothe your heart
(Gomenasai means sorry)


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Jan.07.2010 St. Augustine School of Medical Assistants

Being a medical assistant is one of a job that need to be considered if you are looking for a job in the health care field. And if you like social activities, that connected with people and you like to help people, this job is a perfect choice for you.

Its job is to help the doctor finish his job perfectly or in the other words is to assist the doctor. Dont underestimate this job because a medical assistant is different than a nurse.

Take vital signs (like temperature, pressure, pulse, respiration)
, weight and measure patient, perform an electrocardiogram and get blood are some of the skills that medical assistants must have.

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Jan.03.2010 Just wanna share my feelings

I hate my mom. I hate her so much. God, i know i shouldnt have ever said that. But, however, i just cant stand her anymore. This is my deepest feelings and im sad because of that.

My mom never cared for our (me and my bro and sis) fate. She only cared about herself and her importance. She think that she has a mission to accomplish and because we are buddhist, she is so diligent to pray. She cared about global warming, she cared about poverty, she cared about doomsday that maybe will happen, but not about us, her children. Not about her husband too.

She doesnt care about our study, how was our score, how was our day at school, etc. I rarely speak with her because sometimes when i talked to her, called her name many times, she ignored me. One time, i even asked her where she was from because she went back at very night. But she replied me, rather harsh, "its none of your business."

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Jan.01.2010 Online gambling casinos

Nowadays, gamble is more and more easy. To gamble, people dont have to come to many gambling places, you just have to sit down in front of your computer, connect your internet connection and open websites for online gambling.

Online gambling casino sites is spreading in internet. These sites offer news, information and reviews and also links where player can play. Many websites for online gambling which is providing many games
such as poker rooms, online casinos, online bingo, blackjack, etc.

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