Jul.22.2010 I HATE YOU SO MUCH, MOM!

It seems like i`ll never match with her.
I`ve written this post that i hate her so much not only this time.
I`m tired of her.
I hate her.

But this time, i can`t deny that she looks like a CRAZY person which should be put in ASYLUM, not in a normal house, which contains only normal people!!!

It all started from this morning about 8 AM when i woke up because i heard a loud voice from bottom. I woke up and then i saw her talking with strange voice, not like her voice usually. It looks like she was possessed by some evil spirit.

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Jul.19.2010 daisuki desu, HAYASHI KENTO ♥

YOSH! From today, my internet connection have been
fixed and i will start blogging again after about two months stop blogging due to my laziness D:

Today i will post about HAYASHI KENTO!
He is my favorite male actor for now :D
Usually, i`m not easy to like one actor.
Maybe i only said he is good looking or, his acting is good and that`s all.

i seldom like an actor like a fanatic person did.
But, Hayashi Kento is the first actor who makes me like him just from first sight ♥ ^^

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