Jun.15.2016 / もうすぐ一年間に日本に住んでいますよ!In a moment, I will be living in Japan for 1 year!

Hi everyone! Here I am again! ^^

Without me realizing it, per next month (july), I will be living in Japan for one year! One year! One year seems so far at a glance, but suddenly you won`t realize that a year is over once again! Wow. Like, 2016 feels like just yesterday, but we are now already in the mid of 2016, right? Like, time why are you so fast that it scares me. :(

I feel like I`ve been my usual self. Nothing changes much from a year ago before I came to Japan. Only, obviously, my japanese ability is increasing. Lol, which is super natural since I`ve been spending one year learning japanese here and living everydays in a full japanese language environment.  I`d be such a fool if my japanese level stayed the same. Lol. At least, for now, I could read different types of manga and play RPG games in japanese better, could understand the nuance and the meaning easily, and could recognize and read the text (in full kanji) faster! Yeay.!!!! *SO HAPPY* It's still far from perfect, tho. as I still need the help of dictionary and internet, naturally. But if I remembered around that time when I first came to Japan, around august last year, when I was having a difficulty reading even a DORAEMON MANGA! Uh! I feel like a blockhead at that time, LOL! It's already a big achievement!!! (Well, at least for me.) Because, well, my first reason of why I love Japan, to the point I decided to came here is because of my interest in game and manga things like from childhood days. And from that I begin learn about Japanese culture, lifestyle, etc. ^^

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