June 17, 2015 / My Current Situation - Japan, I will be there soon! (Wish me super duper luck)

Hi everyone!! Miss me already? LOL.

You know, it`s been a while since I wrote my latest post.. Coz.. You know.. I`m a lazy people and it`s never that easy to cure a laziness haha. 

No lah, it`s just I just brought a brand new laptop recently!!! YEY!! Brought it using my own money I`ve been saving up from my hardwork before :') It`s not really expensive, but I`m satisfied. ^^

My old laptop has already been so old and slowwwwwwww~ And the other PC in the house is always occupied by my brother who's always sitting there playing DOTA, ALL THE TIME. (Since he's already in his school holidays). GRRRR! So you know why I have almost no time to open PC/laptop, let alone write. :( *excuse

As per now, no excuse anymore :P

Over these past few months when I`m no longer working and just living my life freely? (haha.) It just felt like time passes by so fast without you knowing it. Suddenly, it`s already June and it`s almost July and like OH MY GOD next month, just about 2 weeks more, I'll already be in Japan, my favorite country, EVER! I`m thrilled, yet also cowered in fear. :( God, help me.

First, language problem.

I learnt a little bit of japanese before, ever took a short course and I knew few common words from anime, manga and games and enjoying it to bit. I could already be able to write hiragana (one type of words in japanese) perfectly before, but haven`t getting down to katakana and most importantly, kanji yet. Like, WHY you must have so many type of words TAT

Now, I`ve been learning japanese again these months, this time, more intensively. And it is, one word : hard -_____-

I mean, it`s a different feeling now when you're getting more serious rather than just a side enjoyment as you want to study the language at the original place and you're aware that it`s not enough as you need to be much, much, much more focused than that. Only being able to write hiragana alone isn`t close enough. What about the other two? katakana and kanji??? As if writing is enough, what about reading? When I`m in Japan later, as far as my eye can see, i will see Japanese words everywhere from billboards, newspapers to food menus in restaurants. No longer alphabetic words. HOH~ !

Ok, let`s just say writing and reading passed. But what about communication skills? Listening and speaking!! To be able to hold a normal conversation with local people perfectly fine? HUFFFF. *Just wishing Doraemon would come to save me and could just give me interpreter jelly so I could just speak at any languages fluently as i wish and could understand what they say as well. #random #Doraemonsaveme #please #ineedyou #THISISONESOLUTION. LOL

Ok, getting serious again, it`s real different than learning english which is already very common in everday uses and has been taught all over and over again since school. Furthermore, it uses alphabet like this for its words, same like my mother language, Indonesian. So it`s kinda easier to understand. Besides, my school didn`t have japanese subject before. Btw, now they did have. *Why you don`t do it sooner? Because for languages like japanese and chinese, which use its own writing (not using alphabet), it's kinda.. not kinda... But it`s REAL HARD for us who isn`t used to it. (And sadly, I`m that person who isn`t used to it.) HAHA!

*Looking back to my school days when i didn`t really pay attention to chinese class T_T,, I'm not really into chinese language, dunno why. Well, don`t get me wrong, I got good scores on chinese subject at school. (You don`t believe me? Just come and I will give you my school's report XD). But it`s just that. I`m learning it because I`m responsible with good scores at school and don`t want to be embarassed with low scores. Shame on me. I am a Chinese by race and face who couldn`t speak chinese. (I am Chinese-Indonesian FYI)

I knew chinese, but only little little lah, HAHA! But don`t ask me now as i might answer with Japanese instead. Been learning japanese like crazy these times and blame all those chinese and japanese KANJI with same strokes and meaning, sometimes with same strokes but different meaning and all different in pronunciation!!!! (WHY YOU CAN`T MAKE IT ALL THE SAME, IT WOULD BE MUCH MORE EASIER FOR ME AND FOR ALL HUMAN RACE!! T_T). It could save me a great deal of time and clear out the confusion between the two languages if it were.

But whatever the abovementioned excuses are, I CAN DO IT! I mean, it is my choice and is my decision alone. From I was young, I always wanted to learn this language because i love Japan so much so i could watch anime, read mangas and play games easily (?) LOL. Whenever I read japanese's mangas, especially romance one, I always imagine what it would be like if I was the character on that story, how it would feel like if I was living in Japan wearing their cute uniforms! and all. (Sadly, it`s not my age anymore, lol.)

I also love their cultures and traditions to the point that they go to temple to pray when it`s new year where they could also buy good-luck and love charm there, (I just loved horoscope and zodiacs thingy so much, so it`s always interesting for me to go to people who claims that they can see people's future, asking them to foretold me, and to pick out an oracle paper out of many and wondering for the results to come out, and being super happy for a while if it's good, but will be having a bad mood if it's bad :P) I also love how they go to onsen (hot spring) in the cold winter as depicted in mangas, it seems calming XD, how they celebrate spring by going to a park and doing hanami (enjoying the beautiful pink sakura trees while eating and drinking together), how they have their kind of summer festivals, strolling down the street in yukata and geta (Japanese traditional clothes and sandals in summer) with so many japanese food stalls around and a big firework (hanabi) after and so on and so on and so on~~~ *so many*

Other than that, after visiting Japan twice, I am fascinated by Japanese's cultures and peoples as well. First things first, they are very on time. For example, look at the train's timetable there. If it says that the next train will arrive at 16:17, they will arrive at the exact hour and minutes! So, in Japan, there will be no traffic-jam excuses if you come up late :P Well, maybe this is not thing we can only find in Japan, as expected as one of developed country! BUT! I`ve also read about it on some articles that when under some conditions the train are arriving late, the station's officer would distribute papers like notice or flyer beforehand stating that they are sorry with the reason or the late or something that we could give as a proof to our office or our friends as to why we arrived late. NOW that is something we can only find in Japan! Haha! I think it`ll be a good change for me as well as I`m the type who always tend to procrastinate something if there is still time later :P

Moreover, they are very modest and respected others very much. They will greet us with cheerful smiles at shops or restaurants with their cute accent of "irasshaimase!" in Japan or welcome! in english when a customers coming by. In My Opinion, I think as a shop assistant, or like salespeople, or Sales Promotion Girl, or whatever that would relate yourself directly with customers, or third parties, it's very important and essential to tend people well, to always put on a smile all the time, to give them the image that you are friendly and helpful despite the bad things that might have occurred to you and to give them the impression that you are sincere and caring. I know it`s hard sometimes, especially when you`ve had problems or being bad mood yourself, or getting nagged on by the annoying customers, but yeah, get ahold of yourself cause it`s your job then again. It`s your responsibility to put on a good image to your company, and yourself also. Like, have you ever heard people ended up buying something they don`t initially wanted to buy, and they finally buy it thanks to the good attitude and the cordiality of the shop assistant? (Of course, the vice versa is applied here also, lol.) Cause I do! And it happened a lot.

As long as I remembered, I was never being treated badly or rudely by Japanese shop assistants. At least, I`ve never heard stories of people who are treated bad by them, either. Very different compared to when I was in Taiwan, I did shopping in this one clothing shop, and while I think it`s normal for us, buyers, to look at the correct size and colors before we decided to buy it, she treated me rudely, which I could tell by her expressions when she attended me. Like, hello??? I didn`t think I asked you that much and please, I didn`t even permitted to try the clothes on so it`s only natural if I was looking through it carefully. Maybe she thought I`m such a nag, asking her to take this and that, or maybe she was just tired of handling customers who just looked and asked but not buying anything eventually. In the end, I did buy the clothes, and rudely putting out the money on the cashier table and quickly left that shop with my-also-rude-face without turning back! HUH! *not intending to talk bad, just sharing my experience here*

Japanese people are very helpful as well. We know that many Japanese people couldn`t speak english very well, as they take prides to their tradition and languages very highly. Maybe high school kids or professional workers could, but don`t expect them too much, as they accent of speaking would still be difficult for us to listen. I`ve this experienced this myself. Haha! Despite of their lacking in english, they are still willing to help. Ever heard stories about people who asked for directions inside the station (cause the station is super big and confusing) and the japanese people in question (whether the passer-by, or the officer) would gladly show them the way, even accompanying them. Well, what languages would they use then? Body language it is! Guess it is even more international than english! LOL.

I went to Japan twice. The first time I went to Japan, I went there alone. By alone, I mean I didn`t go using tour groups, only with a few friends. Just checking all the information about transportation (train line), where to go, etc via internet yet we survived XD So that day, I was separating with my friends, and when I wanted to get back at night, I lost my way to the hotel, which I knew was pretty far from the nearest station. Hmm, which way should I go? It`s already late of night, already 12 or 1 in the morning if I`m not mistaken. I asked to a local people who was walking the street, a man, maybe late 20 or 30-something, about the direction of my hotel and he escorted me until we got to the front of the hotel! Even though I`ve already told him many times that I would walk alone, he could have just given me the direction, he kept stating that it's okay. Maybe it was confusing to explain the way as that time I could only speak very basics japanese and the man couldn`t really speak english, or maybe because it was already late and he thought that he is a man, and I`m a girl, or maybe the direction to my hotel is the direction where the man is headed as well. Whatever! But, as I recalled, he always turned his back, looking at me and saying : "daijyoubu?" in japanese, meaning like are you okay? Maybe because he saw my both hands full with a handbag, a luggage and plastic bags? IDK. :') 

A friend of mine who studied in Japan (now working) and has been living there for about 5 years now reasoned that it's actually not because japanese people are truly kind and sincere in heart, but more to show others, especially people outside their country, that they are traditionally good compared to other nationalities or something like that. For me, I don`t care about people's reason behind helping others. Like, humans are created to live together and not designed to be alone. And to be able to live together in harmony, means to help each other if we could and feels right is a must. What matters is they did help and not ignorant toward others. Their reason or motives behind it? Well, just don`t think about it too much. Trust me, you got many other more important issues to deal about, lol. Because, then again, you will never know people's true colors whether someone is truly kind or just pretending to be. At this times, people pretend well, fake and hypocrite people exists :) You can`t never read people's mind but you could always guess towards their facial expressions. If they feel forced, you will feel it as it will be shown in their face or gestures somehow and you'll know your place then. Btw, I did see the warm smile and the sincerety in the japanese man's face back then. :)

Ah, these are all just my opinion only and of course not all japanese people are good and perfect like I described earlier lah. haha! Besides, if they were all that good, there would be no japanese's criminals haha. But I do believe that government's role and old tradition is two of many points which will highly influenced and play important role towards the morale of the society itself.  Not trying to degrade or compare some countries toward another here but Japan, along with Singapore is known as two of the safest country to live in whole Asia. In worldwide scale, they got top 10 rank of the most safest country. *you could as well google it yourself, in case you don`t believe me, lol*

Like, heard many real stories from people's experience, people's blogs and many books about well, 90% people who have carelessly left their belongings like mobile phone, laptop or anything in public places such as public transportation, park, department store, etc in Japan will not lost them. The finders will probably find any means to contact the losing people (if it's mobile phone) or turn it to the nearest police station or station officer or drop it inside the lost & found box, or, just leave them be at their original place. Real story (in Japan) : there was a man who left his laptop on the park's bench and came back the day after and surprised to find that his laptop was still there, not moving. :) *Note : This will only apply if the finder of those left items are the local people themselves, not foreigners, lol*

Read this story too, from an Indonesian who ever lived in Japan stated that he was amazed seeing Japanese people, while inside the very, very crowded train on peak hours, would just leave their belongings hanging, waiting for someone to take it so casually. For example, handbags (many of them are branded one) would just be put there on the train's compartment, and for man, they would put their wallet or mobile phone just inside the pocket on the back of their jeans. It's as if they don`t need to pay attention to it too much! HAHA! Well, I guess different country, different habits. Cause in my country, Indonesia, (Indonesians would understand XD *I don`t mean no hate okay) wherever you are, whether you are walking on the street, inside public transportation, department store, restaurant, campus, school, or even hospital, it's never okay to lost your guard and look away even for just a sec from your belongings, as it will most likely be snatched right away even before you realized it. (bad guys can even steal something from you right before your eyes CLEARLY!) And after you realized it all, it will probably a little too late~~~~ Just let it go~ let it go~ Go to the police? Might as well give it a shot but my advice is, don`t put your hopes up too much. HAHA! It all makes me like, Japan, how could you keep making me impressed over you over and over again? lol.

But now my purpose of going there is not as simple and dreamy as one that i stated earlier lah, haha. XD That kind of romantic storyline from japanese's manga I expected would happen to me if I lived in Japan would only happen to me in my dream, lol. Anyway, I think learning extra languages rather than just english will give you a competitive advantage later. Like, everyone these days should know few basic english words at the very least while foreign people who know language like japanese aren`t that much. And, I like Japan, so I must conquer its language as well. =D

So however hard it may be, I must go through it somehow because then again, it`s my will, not other's will which is forced on me. I must not give up. Cause the beginning is always the hardest. And, hard doesn`t mean impossible, right? If other people could succeed, why couldn`t I? There must be foreign people who could speak japanese very well despite the same problems they encountered in the learning process like i have. I just need to put more extra effort to learn this language rather than I already put in learning english. It`s all about the process, there is no instant path to learn something, let alone to achieve success. Because if it was easy, every people in this world would be successful.

And have you ever heard the phrase, "bisa karena biasa"? (It`s in Indonesian, lol.). The english would be like, if you are already get used to it, then eventually you are able to.... And it`s super right! Not only in theory but in practice as well! Ok.

I CAN DO IT! I CAN DO IT! Getting self motivated all of a sudden now! YEY! XDD

I get by. I get by. I know i can. I believe in myself that I will be successful as I don`t want to embarras myself. I need to prove myself to my family, especially to my dad. Wish me very luck! :D

To be continued tomorrow, I`m already sleepy for the day. Gotta sleep now. Almost 3 AM now, my maids are already woke up to start the day 1 of FASTING, so ummm... Good night. Eh, good morning for now, will continue tomorrow if I have time :P


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