01.09.2017 // Traveling in Japan part 1

Long time no blogging again! And finally I`m in the mood again to write LOL *as usual's excuse.

Updated (2017)
Said happy new year all! Guess it`s already 2017 now. LOL! I`ve been working on this post since last october 2016 but I always procrastinate until now I decided to finish this post off LOL....

Actually, I`d already wanted to write about how my life is going on in Japan and the places I`ve gone to while I`m here since ages, but due to my lack of time since I have to study Japanese dilligently  due to my laziness, I never actually do it in the end LOL.

So, I went to Nagano-ken (長野県) during school`s autumn break*, the place that I really wanted to go since 2012, (the first time I came to Japan), and it was super amazing that I thought I want to share the pics and write the details of the trip and while I`m at it, thought that I`d also write about the other places I`ve visited also in Japan in full details, hopefully in my next, next, next blog posts!!!! (Hope I can be consistent to my words, this time LOL). 
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10.24.2016 // Why Osaka? And perks of living in a big city in Japan

Hello all! Long time no see~! ;)

So, I`m currently working on a new blog post (like, finally) about places/prefectures in Japan I have visited which have taken some times now.... but isn`t seemed to be finished soon as I could mostly write on saturday/sunday only if I`m not going anywhere or if don`t have something else I got to do or if I`m in the mood to write again. LOL (Uh, I actually need more holidayyy and a time of my own~~) *well, just expect it to be a super-long-read! haha!

As a replacement for that post, thought I`ll write a "shorter" post to publish today just cause I don`t want to neglect this blog much longer anymore. ;(

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Hi, pal, my number one best friend, EVER : LILIES YULIETA!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

Your birthday, 4 years ago
@My house
Look at our "innocent" look that we had at that time, LOL
Looking at this pic, I just realized how time flies so faaassst
That now I can't even go out without eyeliner LOL!


End of 2014,
@Your house, your mom's room
These were the newest set of photo we had together, when we both used eyeliner. :')
At that time, you suddenly wanted to buy a lot of make up stuffs, LOL
Tho now, you aren`t wearing even one, right?
**Actually, the main purpose of me, writing up this post was simply to say happy birthday to you. Because you know, it's been few birthdays passed since the last time we were able to celebrate it together the way we used to. And I guess this year, too, I won`t be there to celebrate your birthday with you. Why do you have to be so far-far awaaaaay~~~ :(( Anyway, I hope this little piece of writing could really help to brighten up your birthday! :)

**I`m surprised myself why in the process of writing this, it turned out to be longer than I expected, LOL. Even tho I know it's becoming toooooo loooooong and because unlike you, :(, I`m not so good at making your typical handmade gifts, and besides, this kind of thing is the only thing (I think) I`m good of, I would be more than happy if you take a little of your time to read it until finish. HIHI! :') (I know even without me asking, you would, tho :P)

As time passes and without us realizing it, it seems that we have been best friends for like 15 years! (or maybe more!), which is like more than half of our ages! WOW! Just how amazing is that?!

And I know that friendship isn`t really determined by how long we know each other, but you know, there's a saying that if a friendship lasts longer than 7 years, psychologists say it will last a lifetime! And as for us, it already passed that 7 years' limit since like, a looooong time ago and even though now we are going our separate ways, and can`t see each other as often as we want like in those good old days, our bonds are still firm and inseparable, right? We know we don`t have to talk every day just to maintain our friendship cause when we do talk, it's like, we can catch up a month's worth of stories in just like an hour phone call. :)
This is us :)
There's also a quote, "True friendship isn`t about being inseparable, it's being separated and nothing changes." And looking back at our friendship, all that we have been through, I agree with that quote wholeheartedly! So I really believe that our friendship will last forever. :)
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Jun.15.2016 / もうすぐ一年間に日本に住んでいますよ!In a moment, I will be living in Japan for 1 year!

Hi everyone! Here I am again! ^^

Without me realizing it, per next month (july), I will be living in Japan for one year! One year! One year seems so far at a glance, but suddenly you won`t realize that a year is over once again! Wow. Like, 2016 feels like just yesterday, but we are now already in the mid of 2016, right? Like, time why are you so fast that it scares me. :(

I feel like I`ve been my usual self. Nothing changes much from a year ago before I came to Japan. Only, obviously, my japanese ability is increasing. Lol, which is super natural since I`ve been spending one year learning japanese here and living everydays in a full japanese language environment.  I`d be such a fool if my japanese level stayed the same. Lol. At least, for now, I could read different types of manga and play RPG games in japanese better, could understand the nuance and the meaning easily, and could recognize and read the text (in full kanji) faster! Yeay.!!!! *SO HAPPY* It's still far from perfect, tho. as I still need the help of dictionary and internet, naturally. But if I remembered around that time when I first came to Japan, around august last year, when I was having a difficulty reading even a DORAEMON MANGA! Uh! I feel like a blockhead at that time, LOL! It's already a big achievement!!! (Well, at least for me.) Because, well, my first reason of why I love Japan, to the point I decided to came here is because of my interest in game and manga things like from childhood days. And from that I begin learn about Japanese culture, lifestyle, etc. ^^

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Jan.11.2016/ To the one I`m in a love and hate relationship with, happy birthday!

Hi, mate! I just wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!

Without us realizing it, it's already 2016, which means we've known each other and become friends for 6 years already! From when we were both still a college student, until we graduated and you chose to go to China and I, to Japan. Just wow!

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Nov 8, 2015 / I`m just tired of being good

Hi blog! Long time no write here! Fiuuuh. Time flies so fast and It's already my 4 months living in Japan. And although actually I`ve been wanting to write some stories which were there on my mind for these few weeks, but I can`t help being lazy :P (like, always.) Plus, I rarely use my laptop here. And I`m not the type of people who really like watching youtube, tv series, korean drama, (anything) in laptop so mobile phone is perfectly enough for me. I REALLY SHUD DO anime-watching program to beef up my Japanese, tho. Already did it momentarily and then procrastinated a bit, and I haven`t continued again ever since T_T_ 

Will really blog about my life in this country, but let's do this some other time. Cause' right now I`m just having urge to just write about some rants that I have been feeling all this time but I just couldn`t tell anybody because I just don`t know where to start, and who would listen and understand. So yeah, better keep it to myself and why not write here as well as it could help my kind of abandoned english now. (I`m not as far as pretty good in Japanese myself, but because I heard Japanese all the time every day, like in school, in public transportation, in supermarket, everywhere, it takes me time to phrase up even some simple, daily phrases to english now, as it would automatically translated into japanese in my brain LOL.)

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Jul 7, 2015 / Give Thanks for good family and best friends.

Frankly speaking, sometimes I felt unsatisfied with my life, with what all I`ve got. When I see someone else have something that I don`t, I envy much. I`m lacking of gratefulness. For instance, when I see my friend is getting along well with her mom, and looking at their mom pay real attention to them, showing love and care, can be a best companion for them, can be like a friend, a place for them to tell their stories at school or work or in life and from whom they seek advice, I can`t help but comparing myself with my mom, with my family. Because we just don`t get that kind of relationship at home. I don`t ever feel comfortable telling stories or what I feel with my family. (I do share if it’s just a general story, or something funny happened in the day, but if it’s connected with my private life, I just don`t....)

Therefore, I don`t think I have a strong relationship between my family, especially with my mom. I never felt like I`m close with my mom. There is always some distance, border between us. Lack of communication maybe, but it can`t be helped, though, since my mom is having some kind of problem which I couldn`t tell ya exactly. Mom never ask how I feel, never ask simple questions about how was my school, how is work, how is life, how do you feel, and she even forget my birthday. I don`t interact much with mom. She rarely (almost never) cook for us, or waking us up back at my school days or whatever that you think a mom should do. But fortunately, me and my brothers and sister get by since we have maids who take care of it all. So I don`t interact much with mom. And that makes me share my stories to my maid instead. (my maid has been working for my family ever since I was a child, so she is like my family.)

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June 17, 2015 / My Current Situation - Japan, I will be there soon! (Wish me super duper luck)

Hi everyone!! Miss me already? LOL.

You know, it`s been a while since I wrote my latest post.. Coz.. You know.. I`m a lazy people and it`s never that easy to cure a laziness haha. 

No lah, it`s just I just brought a brand new laptop recently!!! YEY!! Brought it using my own money I`ve been saving up from my hardwork before :') It`s not really expensive, but I`m satisfied. ^^

My old laptop has already been so old and slowwwwwwww~ And the other PC in the house is always occupied by my brother who's always sitting there playing DOTA, ALL THE TIME. (Since he's already in his school holidays). GRRRR! So you know why I have almost no time to open PC/laptop, let alone write. :( *excuse

As per now, no excuse anymore :P

Over these past few months when I`m no longer working and just living my life freely? (haha.) It just felt like time passes by so fast without you knowing it. Suddenly, it`s already June and it`s almost July and like OH MY GOD next month, just about 2 weeks more, I'll already be in Japan, my favorite country, EVER! I`m thrilled, yet also cowered in fear. :( God, help me.

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So, today's post will be about my favorite singer, EVER! MS. TAYLOR SWIFT! XD You must have known her, right? Or at least, heard her name and known some of her songs. If not, are u kidding me? Unless you live at a rural villages or secluded island or a city/country far-far away from civilization or no internet connection? Or maybe those oldies generation who do not know anything about music trends?? Or... okay just... never mind my ranting then!

(If you really, really? haven`t known her, at all. Well, since you can find my blog here, it means at least you have internet connection then do yourself a favor to type on google "Taylor Swift") XD
If not, since i`m so kind, you can just click here : TAYLOR SWIFT

Now, now, i wanna post over how Taylor's been changing her styles from hair, clothing, and songs over the years and i also wanna review about Taylor Swift's FIFTH, FRESHEST and NEWEST album, "1989", which was titled by the year she was born, that was just launched by late 2014. :D


Have you bought it? I have and it`s so coool! XD *promotion.
U should go to the nearest CD stores around your city before it runs out LOL

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Feb 3. 2015 ~ Okay. Lesson learned. (QUOTES)

Hi there! Here i am on my second! day of freedom (yey) and in the mood to write again. hihi.

Yeah as much as i enjoy my freedom, (as i already resigned from my last job just two days ago :P) there are some regrets to leave such a pretty-well-paid job (at least for fresh-graduate standards like me). hmmm. But yeah, like i described earlier on my previous post : click here my last job was sooo time-consuming, full of pressure and kinda stressing me out every month. Like, every. Yeah, that`s how marketing goes. How much money you could earn by the end of the month depends on your efforts to make sales EVERY MONTH. Haha!

Either way, it`s my own decision to leave now and i think it`s a perfect time for me to quit and to leave my comfort zone. Life must goes on~ as i wouldn`t have had many times for my free time such as holiday and other self development thingies i have been planning to do if i had stayed there. haha.

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