Hi, pal, my number one best friend, EVER : LILIES YULIETA!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

Your birthday, 4 years ago
@My house
Look at our "innocent" look that we had at that time, LOL
Looking at this pic, I just realized how time flies so faaassst
That now I can't even go out without eyeliner LOL!


End of 2014,
@Your house, your mom's room
These were the newest set of photo we had together, when we both used eyeliner. :')
At that time, you suddenly wanted to buy a lot of make up stuffs, LOL
Tho now, you aren`t wearing even one, right?
**Actually, the main purpose of me, writing up this post was simply to say happy birthday to you. Because you know, it's been few birthdays passed since the last time we were able to celebrate it together the way we used to. And I guess this year, too, I won`t be there to celebrate your birthday with you. Why do you have to be so far-far awaaaaay~~~ :(( Anyway, I hope this little piece of writing could really help to brighten up your birthday! :)

**I`m surprised myself why in the process of writing this, it turned out to be longer than I expected, LOL. Even tho I know it's becoming toooooo loooooong and because unlike you, :(, I`m not so good at making your typical handmade gifts, and besides, this kind of thing is the only thing (I think) I`m good of, I would be more than happy if you take a little of your time to read it until finish. HIHI! :') (I know even without me asking, you would, tho :P)

As time passes and without us realizing it, it seems that we have been best friends for like 15 years! (or maybe more!), which is like more than half of our ages! WOW! Just how amazing is that?!

And I know that friendship isn`t really determined by how long we know each other, but you know, there's a saying that if a friendship lasts longer than 7 years, psychologists say it will last a lifetime! And as for us, it already passed that 7 years' limit since like, a looooong time ago and even though now we are going our separate ways, and can`t see each other as often as we want like in those good old days, our bonds are still firm and inseparable, right? We know we don`t have to talk every day just to maintain our friendship cause when we do talk, it's like, we can catch up a month's worth of stories in just like an hour phone call. :)
This is us :)
There's also a quote, "True friendship isn`t about being inseparable, it's being separated and nothing changes." And looking back at our friendship, all that we have been through, I agree with that quote wholeheartedly! So I really believe that our friendship will last forever. :)
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