Mar.22.2011 I`m getting older in a moment

It looks like my birthday is coming soon..
Now is tuesday, March 22nd, 11.05 PM here in Jakarta, Indonesia when i wrote this post
and about an hour again, my birthday comes on March 23rd and i`ll left my 17 into 18

Honestly, i hate being older, i hate to grown up. hate it so much
okay, maybe this sounds childish but i love being children than to be adults.!

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Mar.16.2011 Moon in the night sky

Lately, i always saw a half-moon which is shining beautifully in the dark-night sky when i was on the way home from my college (recently, i always go back home night, duh -.-)
And, anyway, the moon is so beautiful :D
i like it so much and it`s so rare for me to see a moon shining as clear as this recent nights.. ^^

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